US pop pin-up Jesse Mccartney got the opportunity to play a prank on rapper Akon recently, after he was caught out on Ashton Kutcher's hit show PUNK'D.

During a recent episode of the show, McCartney was confronted by a bunch of tattooed bikers, after his chauffeur drove into a line of motorbikes on the way to a Los Angeles high school.

And the SHE'S NOT YOU singer got his own back by playing a prank on AKON, who was under the impression that he was shooting a Japanese TV commercial for a karaoke machine.

After being made to utter such words as "I am a fool named Akon" and "I'm being Punk'd" in Japanese while filming the clip, Akon enraged a group of business clients when he dropped and damaged the machine he was supposedly advertising.

But after watching the dispute progress from behind the scenes, McCartney decided to spare Akon any more embarrassment and inform him that it was all a prank - and translate some of the phrases he'd learned.

26/07/2005 09:08