A West Hollywood property rocker Jim Morrison once called home has been damaged by fire after arsonists torched neighbourhood cars in the early hours of Friday (30Dec11).
Firefighters were called to attend to two blazes in the area after at least 19 vehicles were set alight in the mysterious vandalism spree. Flames spread to nearby houses, including one residence on Rothdell Trail formerly occupied by the late The Doors star.
No injuries have been reported as a result of the fires, but one fireman was hospitalised after falling from a ladder.
Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne was one of the neighbours woken up by the noise of the emergency crews attending to the blazes and she took to Twitter.com to attack the criminals behind the arson attacks.
In a series of tweets, she wrote, "why did i wake up at 5am for no reason! i know why sirens woke me up at 5am 15-20 cars were arson (sic) around Hwood (Hollywood) what is wrong w/ ppl (with people) its (sic) so disgusting to destroy ppls (people's) livelihood! in times like this where the entire world is struggling financially it makes me sick that people destroy things that others worked so hard 4 (sic)."
Los Angeles Police Department officials have since issued a citywide alert and investigators are now scanning security footage for possible suspects.
It took 56 firefighters 35 minutes to put out the fire at Morrison's one-time pad, which was built in 1922 and inspired The Doors song Love Street. He lived there with his girlfriend Pamela Courson.
The property was put on the market in the summer (11) for $1.1 million (£690,000).