Kasabian are hoping to release a new album as soon as possible.

Tom Meighan has revealed the band are already working on new songs for their next album, having not released a new record since 'For Crying Out Loud' in 2017.

Tom - who stars in the group alongside Serge Pizzorno, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews - told Sky News: ''We need a seventh baby.

''We're going to try and make a new record as soon as we can but we can't really do anything while we're restricted. Serge has been writing songs for Kasabian so it's all good.''

The band have been forced to put their album plans on hold amid the coronavirus lockdown, but Serge has been teaching his kids ''studio craft'' during the health crisis.

The music star - who has sons Lucio and Ennio - revealed he's been helping his boys to write songs and even make their own merchandise.

He said: ''I'm a bad teacher at things I wasn't very good at myself so I've decided to go off-curriculum.

''I'm teaching the young'uns studio craft. I teach them chords and we're writing tunes.

''I've said, 'Lads, I want you to come up with a band name and then design your merch'. They've got a little T-shirt maker so they're making their own band T-shirts.''

Serge, 39, has also been teaching his kids PE amid the lockdown.

He explained: ''PE is another expertise of mine.

''There's a field out the back of mine so we've laid out a cross-country run to do once a day.

''At the end of this, my boys are going to be ripped.''