Keisha Buchanan loves her boobs.

The MKS singer admits her weight sometimes fluctuates but she loves the fact her chest always stays the same size, no matter how many pounds she sheds.

She said: ''I've lost weight and kept a healthy balance by eating more often but with smaller portions ... I love my boobs! They never get smaller when I lose weight which is great!''

The 'Flatline' singer - who is joined in MKS by her original Sugababes bandmates, Mutya Buena and Siobhan Donaghy - enjoys working out and is happy to visit the gym almost every day.

She said: ''I'm all about weights and cardio, but I enjoy dancing and Body Pump classes. When I'm really going for it, I do 75 minute sessions five days a week.''

And Keisha refuses fizzy drinks and takes a nutritional supplement to keep her skin looking healthy.

She said: ''I take cod liver oil. I love the glow it gives your skin.

''Drink plenty of water. I find that easy because I don't have fizzy drinks.

''I have a facial and cut out unhealthy snacks [before an event]. There's nothing worse than having a breakout when there are cameras around.''

However, Keisha does not always follow such a strict diet.

She admitted to Now magazine: ''I have the biggest sweet tooth. Angel cake and custard is my favourite thing to eat, like, ever.''