Kele Okereke feared he would die on a recent trip to Nigeria.

The 35-year-old musician - who is known for being the guitarist in Bloc Party - recently the country in West Africa to see his grandmother who is poorly, and he has admitted ''on a number of occasions'' he thought he was going to die.

Speaking to Shortlist magazine about the treacherous trip, he said: ''I went with my dad to visit my sick grandmother. It was an interesting experience. I thought on a number of occasions, 'This is ti - I'm going to die here. We're not getting out of this situation.' But I didn't die, obviously. I'm here in my patio.''

And the reason Kele feared for his welfare was because he broke down en route to his relative and when someone scammed them as they offered to help but ran off with the cash instead.

He explained: ''When we first got off the plane, in the city of Ibadan, the car taking us on the two-hour drive to my grandmother's village broke down in the middle of the motorway. We didn't know what to do. Then a guy came over. he said, 'you need water for the engine, it's overheated.' My dad gave him money for water and he just ran off.''

And the star has admitted his alternative method of travel was ''relentless''.

He continued: ''There's one plane a day from the village to Lagos, for our connecting flight to London. And we missed it. So we had to get the night bus instead. that was fun. It was a coach full of people going to the city. I thought I'd sleep for the eight-hour ride but, apparently, it's a thing that you have to sing hymns on these journeys to keep God with you. throughout the whole journey you had people screaming at the top of their lungs, led by a band leader. It was relentless.''