Marianne Faithfull thinks being Sir Mick Jagger's girlfriend is an ''enormous'' pressure.

The 67-year-old singer - who dated The Rolling Stones frontman for four years - admits they are lots of unwanted extras that come from being the rocker's girlfriend but ''for a lot of people it's worth it''.

When asked what the pressures were, she told The Sunday Times magazine: ''I really couldn't say. And I wouldn't say. That's nobody's business.

''Anyway, it must be different for everybody. Most of these girls who are with him, since me actually, really like the fame and the money, all that s**t. I never cared.''

Meanwhile, Marianne had previously admitted that she rarely spoke to her ex-boyfriend after their split, but he did call the hospital where she was being treated for breast cancer in 2005.

Recalling the chat they had, she said: ''This voice came on: 'Hello, Marian, how are you?'

''I'd know that voice anywhere, and he's the only one who ever called me Marian. We had a chat. It was lovely.''

Speaking of her time with the star in the late 1960s, she added: ''I could've stayed with Mick and he did love me, but I couldn't bear it, that world. I just felt not good enough. Low self-esteem.''