Singer Marianne Faithfull is convinced she'll be single for the rest of her days - because she believes falling in love is a "con".
The 1960s icon, who famously dated Sir Mick Jagger during the Rolling Stones' heyday, admits she's not looking for another relationship after three failed marriages.
She says, "I don't think I could con myself into falling in love again because I do think it is a con. When you're young it is just wanting to breed."
But the 64 year old insists she has been lucky in love in the past, adding: "I have had a wonderful life with all my lovers and husbands. There is only one husband I didn't like: my last husband, Giorgio Della Terza. I love (ex-husband) John (Dunbar). We are very close now. You can't throw away love. I used to think I could but you can't."
Faithfull has a son, Nicholas, with artist John Dunbar, her first husband, and was also married to punk rocker Ben Brierly before embarking on a romance with Della Terza, who she wed in 1988 but divorced in 1991.