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6 Days Trailer

In 1980, a group of six armed terrorists storm the Iranian embassy in London, taking no less than 26 innocent people hostage. What none of them could foresee is that this would turn into an almost week-long battle between the gunmen and a team of SAS soldiers, as the latter try to navigate the 6 floor, 30 room fortress in a bid to take down the attackers who are demanding the release of prisoners in the Khuzestan Province. It's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's chance to publicly show her country how she deals with terrorist attacks and so a BBC news crew documents the entire debacle from the streets outside. Tragically, soldiers were not able to secure the safe release of all the hostages and two of them perished, along with five of the six terrorists.

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Grimsby Review


Although it contains some memorably outrageous comedy moments, this movie (retitled The Brothers Grimsby for North America) is such an awkward combination of gross-out humour, violent action and sappy sentimentality that it never becomes a classic. Sacha Baron Cohen creates yet another lively alter ego as lager lout Noddy, although he isn't nearly as fully formed as the indelible Ali G, Borat and Bruno.

Noddy Butcher lives in Grimsby, northeast England, with his girlfriend (Rebel Wilson) and 9 or maybe 11 kids. His main passions in life are football and beer, then he learns that his long-lost brother Sebastian (Mark Strong) is alive and working as a super-spy. So Noddy heads to London and crashes Sebastian's latest mission, protecting a model-turned-philanthropist (Penelope Cruz). In the havoc, the brothers end up on the run trying to both clear their names and prevent an impending terror attack. This takes them to South Africa and Chile, as they're pursued by both a villainous thug (Scott Adkins) and a ruthless assassin (Sam Hazeldine) hired by Sebastian's boss (Ian McShane). Along the way, they're assisted by Sebastian's love-lorn colleague (Isla Fisher), locals (including Gabourey Sidibe and Barkhad Abdi) and the gang from Nobby's hometown pub.

The script merrily pushes the boundaries of taste, often with riotous vulgarity. Some of this is so jaw-dropping that it's funny (an unforgettable scene involving a herd of elephants), while other jokes are harder to take (a running gag about HIV infection). Most of the humour centres squarely on male genitalia and anal insertion, which gives the film an oddly homophobic undercurrent that will only amuse the drunken yobs in the audience. More interesting is the wildly astute pastiche of Britain's perceived benefits fraud subculture. But director Louis Leterrier (The Transporter) seems uninterested in this, instead focussing on intensely brutal action, which results in an unusually high body count for a comedy.

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Daniel Craig's Friend Mark Strong Seems To Confirm He's Done With Bond

Mark Strong Daniel Craig James Bond

Daniel Craig’s future as James Bond has been uncertain even before the release of Spectre in December, but it seems the actor really is done as 007. According to his friend and co-star in 90’s tv series 'Our Friends In The North', Mark Strong, Craig feels he’s done what he wants to with Bond and will not be returning for another movie.

Mark StrongMark Strong says Daniel Craig is done with Bond.

Speaking to ShortList about his upcoming comedy Grimsby, Strong who has starred in spy comedy Kingsman, was asked if he’d be up for playing a Bond villain. “Do you know what, I’d have loved to have played the villain in a Bond movie while Daniel was doing it because he’s a pal and that would have been great,” Strong answered.

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Video - Kiera Knightly And Mark Strong Pictured At The Ziegfeld Theatre For 'The Imitation Game' Première - Part 1

A host of celebrities made their way to the Ziegfeld Theatre for the New York premiere of 'The Imitation Game'. Amongst these, was the film's star Kiera Knightly, as well as Mark Strong and his wife Lisa Marshall.

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Video - 'The Imitation Game' Premiere Sees Benedict Cumberbatch, Kiera Knightly And Charles Dance Pose For Photos - Part 3

The New York premiere for 'The Imitation Game' took place at the Ziegfeld Theatre, with stars of the film and various celebrities including the film's star, Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumberbtach was joined by the rest of the cast, including Kiera Knightly, Matthew Goode, Mark Strong and acting legend Charles Dance.

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Video - Mark Strong Discusses 'Before I Go To Sleep' And Addresses Bond Villain Rumours

Mark Strong talks about his character Dr. Nasch in the new psychological thriller 'Before I Go To Sleep', also starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. He also addresses recent rumours that he may join his friend Daniel Craig as the villain in the next Bond movie.

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Sacha Baron Cohen Adds To 'Grimsby' Cast With McShane, Harewood, Sidibe And Vegas

Sacha Baron Cohen Johnny Vegas Ian McShane David Harewood Gabourey Sidibe Mark Strong

Sacha Baron Cohen’s spoof spy comedy, ‘Grimsby’, is beginning to take shape. According to the Hollywood Reporter, actor Ian McShane (Hercules) David Harewood (Homeland), Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) and English comedian Johnny Vegas have all been added.

Sacha Baron CohenSacha Baron Cohen's new comedy has a stellar cast behind it

Produced by Baron Cohen and Nira Park, and executive produced by Louise Rosner, Todd Schulman, Johnston, Baynham, James Biddle, Eric Fellner, Tim Bevan,Ant Hines and Adam McKay, the story focuses on a British black-ops spy (Mark Strong), who, forced to go on the run, teams up with his hapless brother, an English football hooligan (Baron Cohen).

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Christian Bale To Play Steve Jobs? Other Actors Who Could Suit The Role

Christian Bale Ashton Kutcher Stanley Tucci Mark Strong Ralph Fiennes

Let’s hope the next attempt at making a movie about the life of American entrepreneur and late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs is an improvement on the last one. Ashton Kutcher tackled the role in 2013’s Jobs, which only took $35m at the box office...worldwide. This hasn’t deterred Sony, who believe that there is still money to be made with a new script and a new actor.

ashton kutcher steve jobs Ashton Kutcher played Steve Jobs in 2013's jOBS

Many were not pleased that Kutcher had been chosen to play the role, perhaps they’ll be happier to hear that this time Christian Bale is rumored to play Steve Jobs. The new script has been written by Aaron Sorkin, with Guymon Casady, Mark Gordon and Scott Rudin on hand to produce. Director David Fincher has his sights set on the Oscar winning star of The Dark Knight trilogy and American Hustle, although neither Sony nor a representative for Bale have confirmed that he is actually set to nab the role. In turn, David Fincher will allegedly only direct if they do manage to get Bale on board.

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Can 'Low Winter Sun' Really Make Detroit The New Baltimore?

Mark Strong

You can’t really pair up an African-American actor with a white British one, make them cops and have them roam around a crime-ravage city cracking wise, quaffing Joe and investigate murders without comparisons to The Wire. Sorry, you just can’t.

Mark StrongMark Strong is Frank Agnew

The Wire, alongside The Sopranos, is heralded as the king of crime drama. Novel-like, thick and intense in nature, translated to the screen, HBO’s Baltimore drama was a slow burning monolith of contemporary programming, examining overlapping institutions: the police, the schools, politics, the unions and the similarly organized drug rings.

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'Justin And The Knights Of Valour' Attempts To Break A Crowded Marketplace [Trailer + Pictures]

Freddie Highmore Saoirse Ronan Mark Strong Antonio Banderas Olivia Williams Charles Dance Julie Walters Alfred Molina Rupert Everett Tamsin Egerton David Walliams

It’s been a pretty solid year for animated features so far; Wreck it Ralph, Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University all performed solidly with the critics and in the box office. But it hasn’t been all plain sailing – films like Turbo and Escape From Planet Earth haven’t gone down too well.

Justin and the Knights of ValourCan Justin, voiced by Highmore, learn the ways of the Knight?

There was a time when all animated films were basically the best films ever: Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Toy Story(s), Up – but now there seems to be room for some pretty average efforts. Striking up some cute characters with big eyes, pitting them against a baddie and creating a weird little fella for comic relief just doesn’t cut it anymore.

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Justin and the Knights of Valour Trailer

Justin is an average boy with big dreams living in a Kingdom where the Queen has enlisted lawyers instead of knights. However, Justin wants more than anything in the world to become one the latter, just like his deceased grandfather Sir Roland. He must embark on a quest to train to become the best knight he can and on the way meets his three mentors, Blucher, Legantir and Braulio, a wacky wizard named Melquiades and the very beautiful Talia. Sooner than he'd hoped, he finds his first challenge; Sir Heraclio and his sidekick Sota are attempting to raise an army to defeat the Kingdom, leaving Heraclio crowned king. Justin must protect the Kingdom he was brought up in and, in doing so, purloin his grandfather's old sword from Heraclio's clutches.

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Blood Review


Finely detailed acting and stylish direction are somewhat undermined by a script that can't resist overstating its moral themes. Without any sense of ambiguity, we are never able to engage with the dilemma facing the central characters because, as things get messier and messier, we never really doubt what each person will do. But the actors make it fascinating to watch.

Set in the Wirral, the story centres on two second-generation detectives: Joe (Bettany) and his brother Chris (Graham) live in the shadow of their legendary dad Lenny (Cox), who's now drifting into senility. Their current case involves the brutal killing of a teen girl, and working with fellow cop Robert (Strong), they close in on creepy loner Jason (Crompton) as the chief suspect. But with no evidence linking him to the crime, he's quickly released, raising memories of a similar case from the past that resulted in a horrific murder. On a drunken night out, Joe and Chris decide to make sure that doesn't happen again. But it isn't easy to live with what they've done.

There's plenty of scope to explore the power of guilt and regret in this multi-generational story, and the screenplay pushes the brothers into some seriously strained situations as they're forced to consider the fallout from their actions. And all of this stress begins to affect their relationships too: Paul with his wife and daughter (Little and Battrick) and Chris with his fiancee (Tapper). All of the actors are terrific, with Bettany and Graham especially solid as they create a believably mercurial sibling camaraderie. Other characters remain a bit on the edge of the film, but add to the tension.

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Welcome To The Punch Review


After the tiny drama Shifty, British filmmaker Creevy turns to both Hong Kong and Hollywood for inspiration, creating an unusually glossy, explosive London cop thriller. But for all the sleek filmmaking and energetic action, the film struggles to make us care about characters who are dark and troubled. Their complexity is interesting, but not hugely engaging.

Adding to the visual sheen, the action is set among the gleaming glass and steel skyscrapers of Canary Wharf in East London, where detective Max (McAvoy) is still struggling to accept his inability to stop a heist three years earlier. The mastermind Jacob (Strong) managed to escape then, but he's back in town now, so Max is chomping at the bit to grab him. Max's lieutenant (Morrissey) tells him to back off, but he secretly works with his partner Sarah (Riseborough) to join the hunt. Meanwhile, Jacob teams up with an old pal (Mullan) to find out why one of the gang members (Harris) is on a murderous rampage. Which puts Jacob on a collision course with Max.

With so much full-on gunplay in a city where cops aren't actually armed, the film feels like it's set in some sort of parallel reality London. And Creevy augments this fantasy tone by indulging in shootouts that are sudden and brutal - like John Woo crossed with Michael Mann. The plot is full of clever twists, as motivations are revealed and a political conspiracy becomes apparent. It's all a bit convoluted and implausible, and the details are annoyingly murky, but within this premise the cast are able to find some emotional resonance.

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Welcome To The Punch Trailer

Max Lewinsky is a determined police detective who remains bitter about never managing to find and arrest the elusive criminal that is Jacob Sternwood. However, he is in with another chance of victory when Sternwood leaves his hideout in Iceland to return to the streets of London where his son Ruan is lying unconscious in a hospital bed after suffering a near-fatal bullet wound to the stomach during a heist that went wrong. Knowing that Sternwood will attempt to sneak in to the hospital to see his son and also attempt to smuggle him out under the police's nose, Lewinsky pulls out all the stops in the biggest effort of his career to catch this former criminal and reinstate his flawless reputation. However, as they come face to face, the both of them find themselves in the middle of a much bigger scheme and the pair must work together to uncover the shady truth.

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Zero Dark Thirty Review


Blistering writing, directing and acting hold us firmly in our seats as this procedural drama snakes its way to a riveting action finale. Although it's sometimes not easy to know whether director Bigelow and writer Boal are celebrating or criticising the way America has conducted itself on the world stage in its war on terrorism. Clearly the characters believe that these dodgy methods are essential tools in their job. But the film cleverly respects and challenges our own views on the issues.

The story begins with the events of 9/11, after which the CIA is determined to track down Osama bin Laden. Spearheading the search is tenacious analyst Maya (Chastain), who works with her colleague Dan (Clarke) to interrogate prisoners and mobilise their team (including Ehle and Perrineau) to action. Their bosses (Chandler and Strong), the CIA director (Gandolfini) and the national security advisor (Dillane) offer support and challenges. And eventually they get approval to illegally send a black-op team into bin Laden's suspected hide-out in Pakistan.

It's astonishing that Boal and Bigelow have managed to tell this true story without taking sides. They have been criticised for possibly using classified details or for depicting torture as an interrogation tool, but the facts can't be denied just because we don't like them. And your attitude going in will probably colour how you feel about the movie: some will find this a story of triumph while others will be troubled by the methods it depicts. Either way, it's impossible to ignore the film's urgency as it pulls us into a fascinating story.

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Zero Dark Thirty Trailer

Following the tragic events of the twin towers bombing on September 11th 2001 in New York City, Islamic extremist group Al Qaeda's leader Osama Bin Laden was the most wanted man in the entire world. He had managed to evade capture and certain execution for nearly ten years when, in the year of the 10th anniversary of the tragedy, he was found by the extraordinary Navy SEAL Team 6 and shot dead at his residence in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2nd. The event, however tarnished with conspiracy theories and speculation, marked a moment in history and was seen as a giant step in the current war on terror. 

'Zero Dark Thirty' is the gritty historical drama telling the story of when Bin Laden was successfully captured and assassinated by a remarkable group of CIA operatives whose covert operations and well-kept secrets gave America their biggest victory in many years. With director Kathryn Bigelow ('Point Break', 'Strange Days') and writer Mark Boal ('In the Valley of Elah') who have previously worked alongside one another on the six time Academy Award winning war flick 'The Hurt Locker', it is set to be a seminal movie that may itself become an important part of history. It is set to be released on January 25th 2013.

Starring: Jessica Chastain, Scott Adkins, Jason Clarke, Joel Edgerton, Chris Pratt, Jennifer Ehle, Mark Strong, Taylor Kinney, James Gandolfini, Mark Duplass, Harold Perrineau, Jennifer Ehle, Kyle Chandler, Frank Grillo, Stephen Dillane & Edgar Ramirez.

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John Carter Review

While trailers make this look like an effects-heavy sci-fi mess, the film is actually a rollicking adventure firmly centred on characters rather than the creatures or action. It's an involving, strikingly well-made action drama.

At the end of the American Civil War, John Carter (Kitsch) is in Arizona looking for gold when a strange artefact in a cave transports him to Mars, known locally as Barsoom. Getting used to the lower gravity is one thing, but he's soon captured by green, 15-foot-tall Tharks, who have four limbs plus tusks on the sides of their faces. He earns the respect of leader Tars Tarkas (Dafoe), but when he rescues Helium's Princess Dejah (Collins), he ends up in the middle of the war between red human kingdoms Helium and Zodanga.

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Black Gold Review

Very Good
The history of the oil industry in Arabia is reduced to a fast-paced adventure movie in this lively project that probably should have been a TV series. It keeps us thoroughly entertained, but only manages to flesh out a couple of characters.

To bring peace between the two leading kingdoms in 1920s Arabia, Sultan Amar (Strong) allows Emir Nesib (Banderas) to raise his two sons. Younger son Auda (Rahim) grows up as a bookworm with a soft spot for Nesib's daughter Leyla (Pinto), which comes in handy when they are asked to marry to link the two kingdoms. But their fragile treaty is strained when Texans arrive and start to to drill for oil: Nesib rather likes the money, but Amar sees this as a violation of their treaty.

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Review

It's rare to see a film in which writers, director and cast all respect the intelligence of their audience. So when it happens, it's something to savour.

Especially when it shows as much audacious skill as this British thriller does.

In the Cold War paranoia of 1973, there's a Russian mole in British intelligence. And the top boss Control (Hurt) has narrowed it down to four top colleagues (Firth, Jones, Hinds and Dencik). He asks faithful George Smiley (Oldman) to root out the spy, so he and Peter (Cumberbatch) begin a complex investigation that involves a discredited agent (Hardy) and a murdered operative (Strong). But the truth only seems to get more elusive the further they descend into the rabbit hole.

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The Guard Review

Writer-director McDonagh brings to this film the same blend of black comedy, dark emotion and grisly violence as his brother Martin's gem In Bruges. And it's also another terrific character for Gleeson.

Gerry Boyle (Gleeson) is an unpredictable policeman in a small Irish town. When a local murder is linked to an international drug-smuggling case, he's assigned to work with FBI Agent Everett (Cheadle), who like everyone else can't quite figure out if Boyle's a genius or an idiot. As they track down three notorious traffickers (Cunningham, Strong and Wilmot), the case gets increasingly complicated. But Boyle doesn't let it affect his private obsessions with hookers and drugs. More troublesome is his ill mum (Flanagan) and a young Croatian woman (Cas) whose husband is missing.

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John Carter Trailer

Civil War veteran John Carter wakes up in a strange, barren land with no idea of where he is. He soon discovers that he has been transported to the populated Barsoom, which is more commonly known as the planet Mars. He becomes involved in a massive conflict on the planet, with civilisation on Barsoom dying as a result. The beautiful Princess Dejah Thoris tells John that fate has brought him here and that the population and existence of Barsoom depends on him, which John reluctantly accepts.

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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Trailer

In the 1970's, former spy George Smiley (who is in forced retirement), is called in to investigate the news that there is a Soviet mole of high-ranking within 'the Circus' - the in-house name for MI6 - who has been there for years making him one of George's former colleagues. George manages to narrow his search down to four men, all colleagues of his. His rivalries and friendships with each of the suspects will make it difficult for George to locate the mole who is eroding at the centre of the British government.

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Arrietty Trailer

14-year-old Arrietty Clock and her family live under the floorboards of a house in western Tokyo. They are 'tiny people' - or borrowers - whose survival depends on 'borrowing' things that humans won't miss, such as a single sugar cube. But their existence must be kept a secret from humans, which is why they are kept hidden and why they only borrow at night.

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The Guard Trailer

Sergeant Gerry Boyle is a cop, working in a small town in County Galway, in the western part of Ireland, with a love of prostitutes, dropping acid on his days off and a dying mother. Whilst on the job, he doesn't follow the rulebook and he thinks that everyone he's met is an idiot.

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Green Lantern Trailer

For millions of years, the universe has been watched over by a group of noble custodians, sworn to keep peace in the universe, these mighty beings are called The Green Lantern Corps. Hailing from all sides of the universe, each chosen keeper wears a ring that harnesses true willpower and allows them to gain super powers.

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Eagle Trailer

Marcus Aquila has always believed his father - the commander of the Ninth legion - was a great warrior yet he's never truly been at peace with his disappearance, 20 years might have passed but the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Marcus' father and his troop have left many questions unanswered. Wishing to reinstate his father's reputation in the legion, Marcus embarks on a mission to find out what really happened.

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The Way Back Trailer

For anyone in the 1940 being held prisoner in a Siberian gulag they knew their lives might not last much longer, when seven inmates hatch -and successfully carry out - a plan to escape under the cover of a blizzard they do not know what their next move will be. Surrounded by unforgiving terrain and traitorous weather conditions, the group decide their only hope is to walk to safety.

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Robin Hood Review

Ridley Scott and his usual Oscar-winning crewmates turn the familiar old English legend into a robust, thumping epic. The pacing is a bit uneven, but it keeps us thoroughly engaged.

Robin Longstride (Crowe) fought alongside King Richard (Danny Huston) in the crusades but returned to England under shady circumstances with two of his archer buddies (Grimes and Doyle) and a beefy fighter (Durand). Heading to Nottingham to honour an oath, he meets Sir Walter (von Sydow) and his feisty daughter-in-law Marian (Blanchett), who are being squeezed out of their land by the Sheriff (Macfadyen). But there are bigger problems, as Godfrey (Strong) marauds through the country with an army of French goons, plotting to steal the country from the vain new King John (Isaac).

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Kick-Ass Review

The team behind Stardust brings us the superhero movie we always wanted: brazen, raucous and without a single politically correct moment from start to finish. And yes, it's both wildly rude and great fun.

Dave (Johnson) is a shy New York teen who wonders why no one sticks up for each other. So he creates a secret alter-ego, Kick-Ass, and sets out to make a difference. Of course he gets beaten to a pulp. But he also catches the city's imagination. The problem is that gangster Frank (Strong) thinks he's to blame for a series of setbacks and helps his son (Mintz-Plasse) create a rival hero, Red Mist. But Frank's nemesis is actually a man (Cage) who has turned his 12-year-old daughter (Moretz) into a killing machine.

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Sherlock Holmes Trailer

Arthur Conan Doyle's tales of Sherlock Holmes are known all over the world, both him and his partner Dr. Watson are his most famous characters. In this new film from director Guy Ritchie, a new side to Sherlock Holmes is revealed, one where his fighting skills are just as strong as his celebrated intellect.

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