Matt Willis felt like he'd been ''dumped'' after Busted split up.

The 31-year-old has spoken about feeling lost when the 'Year 3000' singers broke up in 2005, because he didn't know what he should do next.

He confessed: ''I felt dumped. I had to do something else musically. I did a solo record after Busted but I didn't feel like it was my calling.''

The singer-songwriter - who is now in the supergroup McBusted - was admitted to rehab three times in the three years after the band split, and has now opened up about the turbulent period of his life.

Remembering the period after the band broke up, he said: ''When Busted finished I could have done a lot of good things but I chose to get high and p**sed all the time, which was a f**king big mistake.''

The father-of-two - who is now married to television presenter Emma Willis - said that although it was a dangerous time, he does not regret his drug-fuelled lifestyle.

He added: ''I don't think I'd change that,

''That period of my life made me who I am today. I'm actually glad that certain s**t things happened to me because it made me appreciate how great all the good things actually are.''