Matt Willis says his role in 'Allies' is the ''best thing that I've ever done in my acting career''.

The 31 year old, who's previously appeared in 'EastEnders' and in the West End in London, revealed that his performance as a Second World War hero in the new film is the most fulfilling of his career.

Speaking on Saturday (01.11.14) about his film debut, the former Busted star said: ''It was in my opinion the best thing that I've ever done in my acting career.

''As soon as a read the role I thought it was incredible, I read the role and felt I would be good at playing him. I really wanted this role and I went for it. ''

The film - which also features Sir Ben Kingsley's son, Edmund, and 'Downton Abbey' star Julian Ovenden - was directed by Dominic Burns, who reflected: ''It's an incredible debut for Matt and the reviews have been really strong.

''He's clearly got what it takes to be a film actor, there is really presence in all his scenes and he's definitely got a major career ahead of him in films.''

Based on real events, 'Allies' tells the story of a team of British soldiers, led by a US Captain, who are dropped behind enemy lines in France on a mission that's intended to shorten the war.