Mickey Rourke's new movie has wrapped filming after they continued the production through the coronavirus pandemic.

'Warhunt' - which follows the story of a group of American soldiers in the midst of World War II, on a secret mission in Germany's Black Forest - was filmed in Latvia, with production continuing despite the worldwide lockdown due to the virus.

Mickey told Variety: ''I came to Riga to work and this COVID-19 thing was so out of control, but everyone was so great.''

The cast and crew had various special measures in place to ensure everyone's safety as well as wearing face masks and gloves and all equipment was regularly disinfected. All those present had to have their temperature taken twice a day whilst social distancing measures were put in place to ensure there was no transmission of the virus.

Yu-Fai Suen, one of the producers, said: ''We had to rearrange the schedule for Mickey Rourke as the country was closing its borders, and luckily he agreed to fly early to beat the closure, and we rescheduled his shoot days to accommodate this change. There were additional procedures on set, but it quickly became the norm and everyone got on with it. For makeup, each actor had a dedicated kit so makeup artists used only the same brushes, makeup etc. on the same actor. All makeup artists, of course, wore face masks when applying makeup.''

And director Mauro Borrelli admitted it was ''surreal''.

Speaking about the experience, he shared: ''It was surreal at the beginning, but the cast and crew quickly adjusted to the masks and other precautions, so we ended up even more focused and efficient.''

Suen also confirmed the Latvian government have given permission for them to shoot further film or television content under the same guidelines.