Naomie Harris doubts Daniel Craig is about to walk away from the role of James Bond.

The 39-year-old actress stars alongside Craig in the new Bond movie 'Spectre' and despite his recent claim that he'd rather ''slash his wrists'' than return to the role, Naomie doesn't see the 47-year-old star quitting just yet.

She said: ''To say that he doesn't want to come back - I just don't believe it for a second.

''It's been blown completely out of proportion. Daniel worked 128 days on this movie and he works incredibly hard.''

And Naomie said her co-star's commitment to the role even extended to performing some of the jaw-dropping stunts that will feature in the movie, one of which required surgery.

Speaking at the launch party for Sony's technology 'Made for Bond' including the RX100 IV camera at The Mondrian, London, Naomie told the Evening Standard newspaper: ''He injured himself on the movie and came straight back after the operation and worked despite being in pain. He continued to do his stunts, despite his pain.

''I've seen him work 15-hour days and then come back and train for two hours. He does all of his own stunts unless the insurance won't allow it.''