Actress Natasha Henstridge and Scottish singer Darius Campbell have married in a secret ceremony in Los Angeles.
The Species star has been dating Campbell, formerly known as Darius Danesh, since 2006 and they became engaged in 2007.
The couple split early last year (10) but reunited in June (10) - and now they have exchanged vows after planning the nuptials in just seven days.
Henstridge and Campbell married at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, California on Valentine's Day (14Feb11) with only the actress' two sons present at the ceremony.
Henstridge tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "A week before Valentine's Day, Darius said, 'Let's just elope!' We love Valentine's, we're both a bit cheesy like that, so I said, 'Why not?' It was a very hard secret to keep. It was really spontaneous... I was like that young girl who dreams about her wedding day and I really felt it had all come true."
Campbell adds, "No one knew we were there, and that sense of it just being for us was very exciting. It felt a little bit naughty and secretive... I wanted to laugh and cry when she started walking towards me. It was so invigorating and rather extraordinary; a rush of adrenaline and emotion."