The Species star, now 41, admits motherhood got in the way of her career as her head "wasn't in the game" after giving birth to her first son as she auditioned for the role of Dr. Christmas Jones in the 1999 Pierce Brosnan film.

"I met everyone for the role," she tells WENN, "but I had just had a baby and my head wasn't in the game."

But Natasha hasn't given up her dream of becoming a Bond femme fatale, especially after Italian beauty Monica Bellucci became the oldest movie 007 love interest, at 51, in new film Spectre.

"My name has been thrown around for a while throughout the years, but it hasn't happened," she adds. "I think the films are incredible, especially with Daniel Craig as Bond... It would be a fantastic franchise to be a part of."

The Whole Nine Yards star also missed out on another classic late 1990s film role - Kim Basinger's Oscar-winning part in L.A. Confidential.

She explains, "I was in the loop for Kim Basinger's role and obviously when someone wins an Oscar for something, you have to have second thoughts.

"I also remember reading The Wrestler and not really seeing what people went crazy for in that script, only to see the film and be wowed by it."

The sexy 41 year old is now dreaming of a role in a movie adaptation of a Paulo Coelho book, revealing, "I tried to option one of his books once, called Veronica Decides to Die. It didn't work out. But his books really speak to me."