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12th March 2015

Quote: "I'd say best onscreen kiss was Blake (Lively), because we actually had a relationship at the time. Maybe the worst was Blake after we broke up... We were consummately professional. And I think we should both pat ourselves on the back for getting through it. We handled it." Former GOSSIP GIRL star Penn Badgley on his on-and-off screen girlfriend Blake Lively. The two dated behind-the-scenes from 2007 to 2010.

1st May 2013

Quote: "She loves it. She sings beautifully too. It's wonderful to be able to sing with someone you love." Actor Penn Badgley's girlfriend Zoe Kravitz is a big fan of his vocal talents. The former Gossip Girl star shows off his singing skills as tragic musician Jeff Buckley in new biopic, Greetings from Tim Buckley.

27th October 2011

Quote: "As far as we're concerned, any other movies about Jeff are irrelevant. We're trying to do something larger... We're really making a movie about what he was singing about, and I think Jeff would have loved that." Actor Penn Badgley on his new Jeff Buckley film, which he insists will be more powerful than a rival biopic, starring Reeve Carney as the tragic singer/songwriter.

27th October 2011

Quote: "I stayed with this tribe... We had no electricity and a rainwater deposit. I don't think I would have been able to bare myself for my next audition if I hadn't done it." Actor Penn Badgley shook off his character in financial thriller Margin Call by heading off to the jungles of Colombia.

14th October 2011

Quote: "I cried two weeks ago on a movie set. It's really therapeutic. And the only times I've had to cry on camera I've had to sob uncontrollably. Afterward I feel like I'm the king of the world." Actor Penn Badgley has no problem having a good cry.

28th October 2010

Quote: "To my knowledge, there hasn’t been anything different. They're both wonderful people, and I just want the both of them to be happy." Jessica Szohr admits the breakdown of a real life romance between her Gossip Girl co-stars Blake Lively and Penn Badgley hasn't affected them on set.

7th October 2010

Quote: "One of my bigger crushes was Eve. I loved her 'cause she was kind of hard. I love those tattoos." Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley was a big fan of the inked up rapper/actress.

27th August 2010

Fact: Gossip Girl star Blake Lively celebrated her 23rd birthday this week (beg23Aug10) with a low-key bash in New York City. The actress partied with 15 close pals and her co-stars Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford on Monday (23Aug10) ahead of her birthday on Wednesday (25Aug10).

30th November 2009

Quote: "Blake is largely responsible for every nice thing I have. She's got great taste." GOSSIP GIRL actor Penn Badgley credits his co-star and real-life girlfriend Blake Lively with his good fashion sense.

15th September 2009

Quote: "If you look at the lives we’re leading on the show and the lives we’re leading offscreen, I mean, they’re very similar. But it’s not weird, it doesn’t feel incestuous." Penn Badgley insists he doesn't find it strange working with and dating co-star Blake Lively.

1st September 2009

Quote: "My house was filled with hundreds and hundreds of balloons, which was a very nice, romantic surprise." Blake Lively was thrilled with boyfriend Penn Badgley's birthday treat last week (25Aug09).

15th April 2009

Quote: "You see people who will open up their relationships, who are very affectionate on the red carpet or are doing a reality show with each other, and their relationship just seems to crumble, so I decided to keep a vow of silence." Blake Lively will never talk about her romance with GOSSIP GIRL co-star Penn Badgley.

19th September 2008

Quote: "I hope they eat a double cheeseburger or something." GOSSIP GIRL star Penn Badgley gives food advice to slender Beverly Hills, 90210 stars Jessica Stroup and Shenae Grimes.

25th August 2008

Quote: "I think Chace (Crawford) spends more time in the gym. And Chace is built like a porcelain doll. I don't even know if he bleeds. He might have been crafted by Mattel. He has, like, the teen-idol genome. He's... beautiful." GOSSIP GIRL actor Penn Badgley muses on his picture-perfect co-star CHACE CRAWFORD.

11th August 2008

Quote: "He's stoic and calm and confident. He's much more like (GOSSIP GIRL character) SERENA than I am." Actress Blake Lively's co-star and boyfriend Penn Badgley is in touch with his feminine side.

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