Doctor Who’ stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman have recreated The Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road cover ahead of the premiere of the show’s latest series. The photo also comes just days after Coleman confirmed she would be exiting the series to focus on her new ITV role as Queen Victoria, leaving fans to search for the hidden meanings.

In the picture the pair were joined by two Daleks as they pay homage to the Fab Four’s famous image. Playing the Paul McCartney role, Coleman even goes barefoot for authenticity, while Capaldi models his new Doctor’s outfit.

Of course the picture has cause many a Whovian to start theorising that it could be a stubtle nod to Clara Oswald’s fate. You see, some Beatles conspiracy theorists believe that Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1967 and in the picture Coleman is playing the McCartney role.

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There’s also a theory that the band were imitating a funeral procession in the pic, with Lennon playing the priest, Ringo as the undertaker, Harrison as the gravedigger and Paul as (you guessed it) the corpse!

But wether or not the pic is giving away any clues to Clara’s fate we do know for certain that time is running out for the Timelord's assistant, as Coleman confirmed her exit from the show earlier this week.

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Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on Radio One Coleman said, “I have left the TARDIS, I have, it’s happened. I’ve filmed my last scenes. It was emotional. It’s been in the works for a very long time.”

"Steven [Moffat] and I sat down a year ago and tried to work out the best way to do it. It will happen at some point this season. Hopefully people will love it.” The first episode of the new series of ‘Doctor Who’ titled, The Magician’s Assistant airs tonight (September 19th) at 7.40pm on BBC1.