Roger Taylor has been battling his emotions in the run-up to Queen's 40th anniversary as he recalls the "pain" and feuds behind the band's hit albums.
The drummer is teaming up with guitarist Brian May to mark the band's landmark anniversary by remastering and reissuing their first five albums.
But Taylor admits he still remembers fighting with frontman Freddie Mercury and his bandmates over their creative differences.
He says, "It is a surprise our legacy has lasted like it has. Looking back, apart from feeling old, it makes me think how unique we really were.
"It's also dredged up a lot of the peripheral stuff. There was a lot of pain in making those albums. We were very close but we were always going for each other behind closed doors. There were four artists trying to paint on one canvas...
"Each album seemed like it took ages to write. We were so involved in it, 98 per cent of our lives was the band."