Ronnie Wood thinks the adrenaline rush from performing live outweighs any other high.

The Rolling Stones legend is currently on tour in the US, and Ronnie has claimed that the adrenaline rush created by a live crowd is stronger "than any drug or alcohol".

The 76-year-old star - who performs in the group alongside Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards - told The Sun newspaper: "The adrenaline high is stronger than any drug or alcohol.

"The natural high is the best one you can have, it exceeds drugs or alcohol.

"I like to have my green juices now and I do workouts with my trainer just light workouts and stretches to keep my circulation going, which is what you need when you’re older.

"It’s always a big party on the road but I like to have my quiet time. I’m addicted to Ripley."

The iconic group have spent the last month rehearsing in Los Angeles.

And Ronnie has revealed that Sir Sir Paul McCartney - who features on their song 'Bite My Head Off' - has been helping them out.

Ronnie said: "Paul is so great and really supportive. He came to a few rehearsals and gave us some really nice input.

"Paul threw me and (my wife) Sally a going away party from Los Angeles.

"He invited Neil Young as my surprise guest at the dinner.

"It was so lovely. He is an old buddy of mine and I haven’t seen him in years.

"We’re going to get together again in Louisiana and go to the New Orleans blues festival.

"We really had our noses to the grindstone in Los Angeles and we rehearsed for five weeks. We have been getting back into the mode of playing stadiums."