The past two years have been filled with turmoil for Rupert Murdoch and it’s far from over – as his media conglomerate splits into two publicly funded companies, Murdoch himself will be divorcing his wife this summer. Wendi Deng, 44, has been married to the 82-year-old businessman for 13 years. She was born and raised in Australia and has two daughters with Murdoch, who might complicate the divorce proceedings further. Both girls own financial shares in the Murdoch family trust, but not voting shares, unlike the four children the patriarch has from his previous marriages, Forbes reports.

Another dispute could ensue over who would inherit the elder Murdoch’s seat as chairman. After the News Corp scandals of recent years, not only might Rupert Murdoch be forced to withdraw from the business, but his second son, James Murdoch, who was most likely to succeed him, had to interrupt his career. So now, not only is the empire potentially up for grabs, but the illusion of family unity is shattered.

Last year, during a testimony at Parliament, the businessman was saved from a pie in the face by his wife, who bolted to intercept the tin. After that incident, the idea of the Murdoch family’s devotion to one another was bolstered for a while, until reports started coming in of the couple living largely separate, unconnected lives. Apparently the final straw came somewhere along the way.

Rupert, Wendi Murdoch, Australian Premiere of Les Mis
Despite the turmoil, the Murdochs have been keeping up with their public appearances.

Rupert, Wendi Murdoch, Cannes Film Festival 2011
The pair seemed close until last year.