Glastonbury is famous for very many things – stone circles, crusty hippies and loud music – but almost certainly not for science. However, a reputation for serious thought might start developing with the news that Stephen Hawking is to make an appearance at this year’s festival.

Glasto’s official Twitter account confirmed that the world-renowned professor, whose life was recently the subject of the Oscar-winning movie The Theory of Everything, will be appearing at the Kidz Field. He’ll be part of the 21st anniversary celebrations of the creation of that area of the festival, which is aimed at children aged 12 or under.

Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking will make an appearance at Glastonbury

TV magician and illusionist Dynamo will also be appearing on the same bill, in the company of illustrious heavyweights as Mr Yipadee and his friend Wonky Donkey. We’re being sarky, obviously, but at least the kids will get a taste of the eclectic mixture of guests that Glastonbury is all about.

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Precisely what Professor Hawking plans to speak about in front of such a young audience, we don’t know. However, he has been growing a reputation for himself in the arena of popular music of late. Last month, he reassured heartbroken fans of One Direction by suggesting that theoretical physics might come up with proof that an alternative universe exists in which Zayn Malik did not leave the group.

DynamoIllusionist Dynamo will also be appearing. Then possibly disappearing

The 73 year old scientist, who has developed groundbreaking theories about black holes, stars and how the universe works, also performed a cover version of Monty Python’s ‘Galaxy Song’ at Record Store Day last month, and in the past has had his voice sampled by Pink Floyd. And who could forget his guest appearance in ‘The Simpsons’?

This year’s Glastonbury Festival, the last one until 2017, continues to pack surprises. Earlier this month, The Who was confirmed as the Sunday night headliner, joining Foo Fighters and Kanye West in topping the bill on the Pyramid Stage.

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