Review of I Found Out Single by The Pigeon Detectives

The Pigeon Detectives
I Found Out
Single Review

The Pigeon Detectives I Found Out Single

The Pigeon Detectives exploded unto a highly competitive Indie-Rock scene a few months ago and, since then, their music has rapidly matured and they are now responsible for writing some of the best Indie-anthems of this year, if not of the entire new millennium, so far.

'Romantic Type' was tremendous, 'I'm Not Sorry' was fiery hot and 'Take Her Back' was explosive. 'I found out' is no less remarkable than any of their previous songs, in-fact it's debatable that it's their finest offering to-date. What makes the Pigeon Detectives so desirable at the moment is that they're so perfectly consistent. Highly Recommended track.

Daniel Black

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