Tim Burgess says it was an ''honour'' collaborating with Paul Weller on 'Spinning Out'.

The lead vocalist of the British indie band 'The Charlatans' has joined forces with a number of artists on the new album 'Different Days', including Johnny Marr and 'New Order's STEPHEN MORRIS and Gillian Gilbert, but he has admitted working with the 58-year-old musician was an ''honour''.

Speaking to NME, the 49 year old said: ''It was great to work to Paul's method and pace.

''I never had set expectations but it was a surprise to end up with Weller on backing vocals. It was a real honour to work with him.''

The singer also says the new album, despite featuring fellow Mancunians on the record, is a mix of Manchester soul and Midlands Motown.

He said: ''It wasn't intentional - some of the other guests are from the US [Anton Newcombe and Kurt Wagner] but Johnny and Stephen and Gillian have been our friends for a while and have played live with us.

''Me and Mark [Collins] are from Manchester and Salford so there's some Manchester soul. Martin [Blunt] brings the Midlands Motown - it's quite a mix.''

'Different Days' features spoken word on parts of the new album, which is something new for the band and Tim says Ian Rankin had the ''perfect voice.''

Tim said: ''I'd worked with Ian Rankin on 2016 memoir 'Tim Book Two' and we'd always talk about music when we meet up.

''We asked him to write the outro to a song and it was the perfect voice. There was a kind of Western cowboy feel to 'Not Forgotten' and it made me think of Kurt Wagner's speaking voice.''