Tim Burgess' father has died.

The Charlatans frontman took to Twitter on Friday (03.04.20) afternoon to announce the sad news that his parent had passed away after a long battle with an unknown illness, and praised the ''amazing people'' who looked after him to the end.

He wrote: ''This was a day we'd been expecting for while but it makes it no easier to take. My Dad, my hero, left this world today. Some of you will have known him, most wouldn't. He was the best. Allan Edward Burgess, thanks for everything Dad x x (sic)''

The 'North Country Boy' singer added how his father had not contracted COVID-19, whilst he recalled how he had been a huge supporter and fan of The Charlatans and had been to hundreds of their concerts over the years.

Despite his loss, Tim, 42, is continuing to work and will be hosting his listening party of Cocteau Twins' 'Heaven or Las Vegas' LP this evening with The Chemical Brothers' Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons.

He continued: ''My Dad had been ill for a long time, he hadn't contracted the virus but he was just at the end of his journey. He was loved and cared for by amazing people ... My Dad loved our music and came to maybe 100 Charlatans gigs or could have been more.

''I'll be back from 9pm to listen to the @ChemBros with Tom and @eddychemical, then listen to a majestic Cocteau Twins album with @mrsimonraymonde Meet you back here x x (sic)''

Tim recently conducted one with Oasis rocker Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs for the Britpop group's seminal LP 'What's The Story (Morning Glory)' and has several more scheduled.

Visit timstwitterlisteningparty.com for the full lineup.