Tim Burgess is recording a new solo album.

The 53-year-old singer has been busy during the COVID-19 lockdown hosting #TimsTwitterListeningParty nights, which has seen music stars such as Sir Paul McCartney, Iron Maiden, Liam Gallagher and Spandau Ballet’s Gary Kemp all answer fans’ questions on the social media site during listen-alongs of their albums.

But Tim is not just content with being a social media sensation and has been busy penning tracks for another LP and he has been busy recording his fresh songs at Rockfield Studios in Wales.

Spilling on his new project on the Rockonteurs podcast, he said: “I’ve been at Rockfield in Wales, all wearing masks and that. I’m doing a solo record.

“I’m with two others, they’re both engineers and producers. One is more electronic and the other one plays drums, it’s a nice combination.

“I’ve got quite a lot of songs. I do them all on voice memos really, on my phone. Sometimes I’ll use a drum beat from a YouTube tutorial just to keep me in time. I just write at home and try and do it every day and see what comes out really.”

But Tim has assured fans of The Charlatans that they are not done and says as soon as lockdown measures are lifted they will all meet up and start work on another album, their first since 2017’s Different Days.

Admitting he wanted to keep busy on a solo project before the One To Another band get together again, he said: “The Charlatans is a completely different thing. We all get together and bring things, unfinished things, together and see if it kind of works. With my stuff I write the songs, and then try and work out the best way for people to be able to listen to them.

“In this situation (COVID) it’s easier than saving them than waiting for the band.

“The band will meet very quickly, as soon as lockdown is over. I think we’ve always tried to be open with what The Charlatans can sound like, what would be amazing would be to all find out together; the audience to find out what kind of sound we’re going to make, the band to find out what kind of sound we’re going to make. We don’t know and that’s the good thing.”