Tyrese Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez have joined Paul Walker's friends, fans and family members in remembering the actor on the first anniversary of his death.

Walker lost his life in a car crash on 29 November, 2013, and his Fast & Furious co-stars have taken to social media to pay tribute to their fallen pal.

In a tweet on Sunday (30Nov14), Rodriguez wrote, "I love you Paul. Your living in the hearts of all who love you for sure. Sending mad love out to Heaven."

And Gibson, who was one of the stars who visited the site of the accident in the days after Walker's death and mourned with fans, took to Instagram.com and added, "A celebration of Paul William Walker will be echoed around the world... In this life one would hope to be this 'effective' 1 year ago today God called an angel home early... I miss my brother I miss my friend and I miss Our Star!!!!! Physically gone but forever alive in our minds, hearts and spirit."

He added, "What was once tears of pain and shock are now tears of Joy celebrating all that you stood for... Everyone worldwide please take 5 mins (minutes) out of your day to send live (sic), prayers and energy to Paul's family his daughter Meadow and immediate circle today will be a tough day for us... To this day his arm is still around my neck with love and protection... Rest in heaven..."

Meanwhile, Walker's brother Cody and the late actor's father also offered up tributes.

Cody told the New York Daily News, "I am so lucky to have had him as a big brother."

And the siblings' father, also called Paul Walker, told U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, "I'm missing him more now, the last month. It's not getting any better for me. It's a sad time. We're a very close, loving family, and Paul is a piece that's missing now, that we're always going to miss."