Victoria Beckham Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

17th March 2017

Quote: "I was really excited because I am often in Target stores with the kids... because you can get everything in Target!" Pop star-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham explains why the U.S. retailer is the perfect partner for her new budget clothing line.

11th March 2017

Quote: "That’s the one thing that I wish I’d done more of when I was younger and I was with the Spice Girls. We travelled so much, but I didn’t get out, I didn’t see enough. So that’s what I’m really trying to do more of as I get older." Victoria Beckham wishes she had done more sight-seeing when she was a Spice Girl.

6th October 2016

Quote: "I have made so many fashion mistakes but I actually don't look at them as mistakes. I celebrate those things, I laugh occasionally but I'm not ashamed of any of that... At some point I thought it was OK to wear a PVC catsuit. When I was pregnant with Romeo, I walked around Disneyland in Christian Louboutin heels, literally at nine months' pregnant!" Victoria Beckham doesn't always get her style right.

31st May 2016

Tweet: "@evalongoria the most beautiful bride.I am honored to have created your wedding dress X Thank you for asking me!!! X We love u! X". Singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham is over the moon to have been so closely involved in best pal Eva Longoria's big day. The fashion icon shared photos of herself helping the actress get dressed for her Mexican wedding to TV boss Jose 'Pepe' Baston on on Monday (30May16), more than a week after the couple tied the knot.

23rd May 2016

Quote: "You don't have a rule book when you have a child. You just do the best that you can and I think the kids are doing a pretty good job. They're well-mannered, hard-working, they're fun and they're happy kids. So what more can you ask for?" Victoria Beckham tells Elle Hong Kong of her pride at the way she and husband David have brought up their four children.

22nd May 2016

Quote: "(In the Spice Girls) we talked about girl power, it's the same thing. It's empowering women and it's now doing through fashion, not music." Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham is dedicated to continuing the British girl band's mission to empower her fellow females through clothes.

2nd May 2016

Tweet: "Happy Birthday to the most amazing husband and wonderful daddy X We all love you so much!! @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham #soulmate #familyday #blessed XVB". Victoria Beckham lavishes praise on her husband David as the retired soccer star celebrates his 41st birthday on Monday (02May16).

16th January 2016

Tweet: "HUGE Adele fan!! This is GENIUS!!! Thank u @adele and @jkcorden #ilovemyspicegirls." Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham was thrilled with Adele and James Corden's carpool karaoke rendition of girl power pop classic Wannabe, which featured on the comedian's late night show in the U.S. this week (ends15Jan16).

14th September 2015

Quote: "I was so proud. Imagine, my baby on the cover of Vogue, very exciting! Brooklyn loves photography, he wants to be a photographer." Pop star-turned-fashion icon Victoria Beckham gushes about her eldest son's recent covershoot for Miss Vogue magazine.

14th September 2015

Quote: "She loves fashion, as all little girls do, she loves putting make up on and playing with my shoes... but she loves sports, she's a little tomboy... She said to me the other day, 'Mummy, I think I want to play football...' Dagger through the heart! I have three boys who want to play football, come on, let one of them want to be in fashion or dance!" Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham is heartbroken her only daughter Harper, with husband David Beckham, wants to follow in her soccer icon dad's footsteps.

2nd September 2015

Tweet: "Guess who we ran into in the crepe shop?How good is this song?!?who knew??? X vb @justinbieber". Victoria Beckham praises Justin Bieber's new single What Do You Mean? after an unexpected meeting at a dessert store in New York.

2nd September 2015

Fact: Stars including Madonna, KIM KARDASHIAN, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham and former One Direction member Zayn Malik have shared their favourite 'selfies' on new covers for America's Interview magazine. The images were taken for the publication's #ME issue, which highlights powerful people on the Internet.

24th August 2015

Tweet: "Congratulations to my baby for passing all of his exams x we r all so proud of u (you)." Victoria Beckham praises her eldest son BROOKLYN BECKHAM for passing his final school exams last week (end23Aug15). Brooklyn was taken out for a family dinner to celebrate and given a personalised dessert which featured a "congratulations" message.

6th July 2015

Tweet: “Happy anniversary, I love u so much x I’m so proud of our beautiful family x." Victoria Beckham celebrated her 16th wedding anniversary by sending a sweet tweet to husband David on Saturday (04Jul15).

24th April 2015

Quote: "All our kids are amazing. I mean, they're really good kids. You know, they work hard at school. They're happy. They're funny." Victoria Beckham is a proud mum.

24th April 2015

Quote: "The boys are great with her. She's a little tomboy. You know, she loves to wear little dresses, but then, she loves to put her football boots on and get in the garden with her brothers, and have a little rough and tumble, which I think is great." Victoria Beckham reveals daughter Harper is the perfect mix of tomboy and princess.

3rd December 2014

Tweet: "To my best friend @EvaLongoria. Thank u for all your support! love Victoria." Victoria Beckham sends out a holiday season message to pal Eva Longoria.

19th November 2014

Quote: "We were getting ready and she couldn't stop singing She Bangs by Ricky Martin. She said, 'I'll be going to sleep singing this song until Ricky dances out the video.'" Actress Eva Longoria reveals her friend Victoria Beckham still gets the singing bug. The former Spice Girls star received an award for her charity work at her pal's Global Gift Gala event in London on Monday (17Nov14), and Martin co-hosted the event with Longoria.

18th November 2014

Fact: Victoria Beckham received an award for her charity work at EVA LONGORIAs Global Gift Gala event in London on Monday (17Nov14).

24th September 2014

Fact: David and Victoria Beckham's son Romeo has been picked to star in fashion firm Burberry’s 2014 festive ad campaign. The 12 year old initially appeared in the company's 2012 campaign, alongside Cara Delevingne.

21st August 2014

Fact: Victoria Beckham has followed husband David and son Brooklyn's lead and accepted pal Eva Longoria's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The former Spice Girls star posted footage of her early morning ice shower on on Thursday (21Aug14) and nominated Tom Ford, Katie Holmes and her son Cruz Beckham to take the challenge next.

4th July 2014

Tweet: "15 beautiful years. We feel so blessed and thankful for your love and support over the years. Such a special day." Victoria Beckham celebrates 15 years of marriage to husband David.

4th July 2014

Tweet: "15 beautiful years. We feel so blessed and thankful for your love and support over the years. Such a special day." Victoria Beckham marks 15 years of marriage to former soccer star David Beckham with a message and wedding day snap on on Friday (04Jul14).

2nd July 2014

Quote: "I looked at it and said to myself, I have four incredible children, an incredible husband, a business that's doing very well. I've worked hard and achieved a lot. I don't think I could have achieved much more." Victoria Beckham on turning 40 in April (14).

2nd July 2014

Fact: Victoria Beckham swapped glamorous gowns and stilettos for unflattering rubber boots in a new shoot for Britain's Vogue magazine. The star is seen posing in a garden wearing gumboots.

19th June 2014

Fact: Victoria Beckham took to on Thursday (19Jun14) to post a picture of the orange dress she wore on her first date with her sports star husband David. She added in a caption, "Look what I found! The dress I wore on my first date with David!!... So cute!!!"

6th May 2014

Fact: Fans waiting to see A-list celebrities including Beyonce, Victoria Beckham and Rihanna at the Met Costume Institute gala in New York City on Monday (05May14) got a shock when a male streaker ran through the crowds and tried to make his way into the bash while wearing just a pink 'mankini' and gold chains.

18th April 2014

Fact: Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham celebrated her 40th birthday on Thursday (17Apr14) by hiking around the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona with her family. The pop star-turned-fashion icon posted a shot of herself relaxing on and captioned the shot, "Magical day hiking the Grand Canyon with my babies."

16th April 2014

Quote: "My favourite celebrity meeting was Sarah Jessica Parker, who was lovely, warm, funny, stylish - and a wonderful mother." Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham is a big fan of the Sex And The City star.

16th March 2014

Fact: Superstar couple David and Victoria Beckham have sold their lavish seven-bedroom property, dubbed Beckingham Palace, to an insurance tycoon for $18 million (£11.3 million). The pair bought the home in Hertfordshire, England for $4 million (£2.5 million) in 1999 but are now living in London.

14th March 2014

Tweet: "Thank u SusieCollege. Every office should have one of these, work out and work at the same time!! Genius!!" Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham is elated with her new gift of a treadmill desk. She posted a photo of herself typing away at a computer while walking on the exercise machine - in high heels.

18th February 2014

Quote: "He is the most wonderful man I have ever met. He's a fantastic father. He's incredibly talented, a wonderful husband. I supported him for many years, and he's proud of me. He supports me. We're very equal at home." Victoria Beckham coos about husband David.

18th February 2014

Quote: "I think what gave me confidence in myself was meeting the other girls. We always said we were all like rejects in our own way. We had to work hard, and they helped me accept me for who I was." Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham on the power and confidence she gained during her tenure in the iconic girl group.

13th February 2014

Quote: "I had a great time being in the Spice Girls, I really did. But fashion was always my passion. I'm living a dream, and every morning I wake up and pinch myself. Right now is where I really feel comfortable, and I believe that I'm competing in an arena where actually, I'm good at it. I was never going to be the best singer, or the best dancer, and that was okay." Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham has no intention of reforming the pop group as she has her sights set on a career in fashion.

10th February 2014

Quote: "The boys are all good-looking, they are all polite, they are all very fun-loving, and so I think they're all gonna be lady killers... It is easy for me to talk about this - but if we're asking Victoria the same question you might not get a nice answer." Soccer icon David Beckham on his three sons, ages eight to 14, with wife Victoria Beckham.

1st December 2013

Fact: Supermodel Cara Delevingne is set to showcase her musical talents in front of a star-studded crowd at the British Fashion Awards on Monday (02Dec13). The beauty, who is keen to launch a career in music, will reportedly perform a drum medley at the event, which will be attended by stars including Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss.

22nd November 2013

Tweet: "Thank u everyone for shopping today!! We raised a lot of money for @BritishRedCross! Congratulations!" Victoria Beckham and her husband David's designer clothes and shoes were a big hit at London's Red Cross headquarters on Friday (22Nov13). The couple sold off the items to help raise funds for the typhoon relief effort in the Philippines. Former pop star Victoria also posted a photo on of the empty shelves after all the items were sold.

3rd October 2013

Quote: "I'm like, 'Who is he talking to? Who is he playing with? And, yes, he was with Harper Beckham. And, David Beckham is the nicest guy... I even said, 'Oh my god.' I didn't realise it was her (Harper)!" Actress Molly Sims had no idea who her son Brooks had befriended after meeting David and Victoria Beckham's little girl in a New York City playground last month (Sep13).

11th September 2013

Fact: David and Victoria Beckham's daughter Harper has become friends with model/actress Molly Sims' son Brooks after enjoying a playdate in New York on Tuesday (10Sep13). The soccer superstar was snapped with his baby girl in a Manhattan park, where they met up with Sims and young Brooks.

28th August 2013

Fact: Victoria Beckham indulged her husband David's love of inking by buying him a tattoo voucher for his 38th birthday in May (13).

26th July 2013

Tweet: "Happy Anniversary! My mum and dad married for 43 years today! We love you so much!!" Victoria Beckham celebrates her parents' wedding anniversary by posting a photo of her folks on the day they exchanged vows.

12th July 2013

Tweet: "Driving in London and passed the restaurant me and David went to on our first date!" Victoria Beckham took a trip down memory lane on Friday (12Jul13). The Spice Girls star-turned-designer marked her 14th wedding anniversary to the soccer ace last week (04Jul13).

10th July 2013

Tweet: "Thank u for your beautiful messages. I can't believe baby Harper is 2 today!" Victoria Beckham thanks fans for remembering her daughter on her second birthday.

8th July 2013

Quote: "It's a huge juggling act, when you are a working mother and looking after your family. Millions and millions of women around the world are doing this every day, but it's not easy and yes, you feel guilty every time you walk out of the door to go to work." Pop star-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham still struggles to balance life as working mum.

26th June 2013

Quote: "I think you'd be great. I think he should be James Bond! He'd be a good James Bond!" Victoria Beckham has high acting hopes for her soccer star husband David.

11th June 2013

Tweet: "Thanks @LuxuryBriefing for tonight's award! Brand of the Year - I can't believe it!" Singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham is flattered after winning the top prize at Britain's Luxury Briefing Awards.

31st May 2013

Quote: "I can't put on make-up when Harper's around, because she would join me immediately. She is a tomboy towards her brothers." Victoria Beckham avoids getting too dolled up around her youngest child, 22-month-old daughter Harper.

31st May 2013

Quote: "I asked if he wanted to do it and he said, 'Sure, sounds fun'. And he really had a lot of fun. Will he do it again? I don't know. He's more interested in school and sports right now." Victoria Beckham's 10-year-old son Romeo is losing interest in fashion modelling after posing for top design house Burberry's spring/summer 2013 advertisements.

14th May 2013

Tweet: "So proud of David and @Psg_inside !! Champions of France!!!!" Victoria Beckham celebrates her husband's soccer success with his new French club Paris Saint-Germain.

29th April 2013

Fact: Former pop star Victoria Beckham proved her fashion credentials by selling out $65 (£40) tickets to a talk she hosted at the Vogue Festival in London on Sunday (28Apr13). The Spice Girl-turned-designer chatted about her career, work ethic and family life during the discussion.

17th April 2013

Tweet: "Thank you for all your messages! Having a special day with my boys and Harper." Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham is spending her 39th birthday on Wednesday (17Apr13) with her four children.

17th April 2013

Tweet: "Victoria Beckham hey birthday girl, have a lovely day!!" Emma Bunton sends her best wishes to her former Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham on her 39th birthday on Wednesday (17Apr13).

21st February 2013

Quote: "We might have one more or two more, you never know. We're not thinking about it yet, but if it happens, great. We're enjoying the kids as it is. It's always a thought." Victoria Beckham is considering adding to her brood with a fifth and sixth child.

17th February 2013

Fact: Actress Salma Hayek, singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham and Danish beauty Helena Christensen were among the stars who visited British Prime Minister David Cameron's official residence on Friday (16Feb13) for a London Fashion Week reception. Designers Donatella Versace, L'Wren Scott and Manolo Blahnik also turned up to the event at 10 Downing Street.

20th December 2012

Fact: The Fashion for Sandy Relief online auction raised a total of $1.7 million (£1.04 million) for the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City. The fundraiser offered once-in-a-lifetime experiences including the chance to meet Victoria Beckham backstage at her New York Fashion Week show and a holiday at Tommy Hilfiger's Palm Beach estate in Mustique.

18th December 2012

Quote: "I would love to be Posh. I mean, she's fabulous, I feel like people have figured out she's actually really smart and kind of in on the joke, people adore her in America. She's the most fabulous girl and what a talent. I think she's one of the most exciting designers in fashion right now." Anne Hathaway is a big fan of singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham, known as Posh Spice during her time with girl band the Spice Girls.

10th December 2012

Quote: "The thing is with Victoria, she fell in love with David and became part of a high-profile celebrity couple. There were advantages to it... I'm sure they yearn for privacy but to their credit, they never complain. And it's not like anybody except them knows what happens behind closed doors." Melanie Chisholm praises her Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham for maintaining her long marriage to sports star David Beckham.

29th November 2012

Fact: Victoria Beckham has cemented her place in the fashion world by joining style gurus Diane von Furstenberg and Franca Sozzani as judges of the 2012 International Woolmark Prize. The star will help choose the winner of a $100,000 (£62,500) sponsorship fund.

11th September 2012

Quote: Singer-turned-fashionista Victoria Beckham has named her new design of handbag after her 14-month-old daughter Harper. Posting a picture of the bag on, Beckham writes, "Introducing the Harper shoulder bag!"

16th August 2012

Quote: "No plans for a baby or children's line at the moment." Mum-of-four Victoria Beckham isn't interested in designing clothes for kids.

16th August 2012

Quote: "My most cherished role would be as a wife and mother to my children and my husband and they will always be my priority. I consider myself to be so blessed to have a job that is my passion, I couldn't do it without the support and love of my family." Victoria Beckham loves her job as a family woman more than her fashion and music careers.

15th August 2012

Quote: "I venture into new product categories when I can't quite find what I am looking for. I design sunglasses and opticals that are the very best quality, all handmade in Italy, flattering on the face with a strong fashion message." Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham on what inspired her to branch out from her clothing line.

14th August 2012

Quote: "I was so honoured! I grew up adoring the Spice Girls. And you can't touch her when it comes to fashion. She owns every outfit she wears. I don't know how she handles all of those kids - and in heels!" Actress Lily Collins was flattered to have been chosen by Glamour magazine's guest editor Victoria Beckham to appear in the new September (12) issue of the publication.

2nd August 2012

Quote: “I’m half-way through the second one. But if my mum tries to talk about it, I dodge the subject. I don’t really want to talk to my mother about S&M.” Victoria Beckham is avoiding talking to her mum about saucy book 50 Shades Of Grey, despite buying the erotic trilogy for her.

1st August 2012

Quote: "I actually used to smile a lot in pictures. I think I only stopped smiling when I got into fashion. Fashion stole my smile!" Singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham insists she wasn't always known for her famous pout.

19th July 2012

Tweet: "Mummy tip.....Baby Dreft and Vanish stain remover, use together to remove Huge strawberry stains!!!!" Victoria Beckham offers up cleaning advice.

16th July 2012

Quote: "I was really disappointed. David has done so much work helping win the bid for the Games. He's been so involved in everything up to this point, so it seems a terrible shame that he won't actually be playing for Team GB." Former Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm is sad her bandmate Victoria Beckham's soccer star husband David has been left out of the the 2012 London Olympics.

12th July 2012

Fact: Top London department store Harrod's has begun stocking Victoria Beckham's fashion line.

26th June 2012

Tweet: "Thank you girls! Amazing to see u all today!!! Lots of love,Victoria x" Victoria Beckham enjoyed her time with her former Spice Girls bandmates in London on Tuesday (26Jun12) as they launched their new musical.

3rd June 2012

Quote: "It's fab to go into Victoria's closet and be, like, 'I'll take that and that!' We wear the same size." Eva Longoria loves to borrow from her best pal Victoria Beckham's wardrobe.

3rd May 2012

Fact: Victoria Beckham treated husband David to a framed Magic Johnson jersey for his birthday on Wednesday (02May12). The special gift was signed by the Los Angeles Lakers basketball legend and addressed personally to the soccer stud.

23rd April 2012

Fact: Victoria Beckham has designed another luxury car for Range Rover. Beckham, who previously designed a model for the company in 2010, launched the Special Edition 'Evoque' in Beijing, China on Sunday (22Apr12). Only 200 of the cars will be made, and will be released in China (Oct12).

16th March 2012

Fact: Actress Eva Longoria celebrated her 37th birthday with best friends Victoria Beckham and Kate Beckinsale. The trio dined at West Hollywood restaurant Cecconi's on Thursday (15Mar12) to toast the birthday girl's health.

13th February 2012

Quote: "I spent the whole summer with my boobs out, breastfeeding. I loved it. It was heaven. She's such a good baby." Victoria Beckham loves bonding with her seven-month-old daughter Harper.

5th February 2012

Quote: "When I started it was all about the corset dress. That's what people associated me with, and possibly if I'm honest a sign of my own insecurities as well. But the older I get and the more comfortable I am in my own skin, the more I realise that to look great and feel great I haven't always got to wear something tight." Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham is more relaxed about her wardrobe choices than in her pop heyday.

25th January 2012

Tweet: "I'm addicted to kale!! Wash, break into small pieces, sprinkle a little salt and roast, it's so good and amazing for u (sic)!!!" Victoria Beckham has a new healthy obsession.

29th December 2011

Tweet: "Great evening with my sister in law celebrating her 30th!!! happy birthday @joannebeckham! X vb" Victoria Beckham sends her best wishes to her husband David's sibling Joanne after throwing an early surprise party for her on Wednesday night (28Dec11). The birthday girl turns 30 on 19 February (12).

12th December 2011

Quote: "When I was pregnant, I just wanted to get lots and lots of animals for some reason. We talked about cats, but David said absolutely not!" Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham had an unusual craving - for pets - while pregnant with her daughter Harper Seven.

21st November 2011

Tweet: "We are so, so proud of David!!!!! what an emotional night and a great party!!!!" Victoria Beckham salutes soccer stud husband David, who led the L.A. Galaxy to victory over the Houston Dynamo in America's Mls Cup on Sunday (20Nov11).

2nd November 2011

Fact: Pop star-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham has created a special collection of "chic, timeless and elegant" dresses for popular online retailer

30th October 2011

Tweet: "Ufo hovering above our house last night!!!!!" Victoria Beckham reveals a spooky sighting over the Halloween weekend (29-30Oct11).

21st October 2011

Tweet: "Wow! two million followers!!Thank u so much for all your support!!!!" Victoria Beckham is celebrating another milestone on her page.

20th October 2011

Tweet: "Going to a party for Halloween!!! What shall I dress as?? Any ideas?????" Singer-turned-fashion-designer Victoria Beckham appeals to her followers for trick-or-treating costume advice.

12th October 2011

Tweet: "healthy snack! Real, fruit sorbet.....freeze single, red grapes, put in small zip lock bags, eat fresh from the freezer x VB" Pop star-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham shares her healthy eating tips with fans.

27th September 2011

Tweet: "Marc Anthony's LA concert, so good!!!!!!! I want to learn to salsa!!!!" Victoria Beckham is a big fan of Jennifer Lopez's estranged husband.

15th September 2011

Quote: "I want a cat! But David won't let me have one. He doesn't want them bringing mice in the house. He's a dog person." New mum Victoria Beckham has been banned from getting a feline friend by her soccer star husband.

6th September 2011

Tweet: "Lots of luck to @melaniecmusic this week on the release of her new album!!" New mum Victoria Beckham proves that Girl Power still drives the Spice Girls by tweeting support to former bandmate Mel C.

18th July 2011

Tweet: "She's gorgeous, just like her Mum x x x" Singer Melanie Chisholm is smitten after seeing pictures of her former Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham's new baby daughter, Harper Seven.

11th July 2011

Tweet: "This may be the week that I become a mother... my due date is Thursday! I am beyond excited (and just a bit petrified!)." Socialite Ivanka Trump is due to become the latest star to give birth this month (Jul11) - Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson both welcomed their babies over the weekend (09-10Jul11).

30th June 2011

Tweet: "David has been downloading music for our baby! Rockabye baby lullaby renditions, so cool! Love The Beatles album!!!" Victoria Beckham reveals husband David is playing DJ for the couple's unborn daughter's impending arrival.

15th June 2011

Quote: "I saw Victoria the other week with the belly and she's so excited. She said, 'We have to go see Hangover 2'. I asked why and she said, 'We saw Hangover together so now it's a tradition'. So when I get back to L.A. we will go see it. We go dressed down in sweats and sneakers. We sneak in through the kitchens." Jennifer Lopez and her pregnant pal Victoria Beckham try to go incognito when they go to movie theatres.

6th June 2011

Tweet: "Congratulations to my dear friend Marc Jacobs on his Cfda Lifetime Achievement Award and to all of tonight's nominees! Excited for everyone!" Victoria Beckham is proud of her designer pal, who will receive a special honour at the Council of Fashion Designers of America (Cfda) Fashion Awards in New York on Monday night (06Jun11). Lady Gaga will also be feted with the Fashion Icon Award.

26th May 2011

Tweet: "Beyonce blew me away at the #Idolfinale!!!! What a performance...and stunningly beautiful, I am loving the blonde hair!!!!" Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham hails the R&B superstar's performance of her new single 1+1 on the American Idol season finale, which aired in the U.S. on Wednesday night (25May11).

15th May 2011

Tweet: "This is Scarlet our new French bulldog puppy!!! Coco has a sister!!" Pregnant Victoria Beckham adds another member to her growing family.

10th May 2011

Tweet: "Congratulation Emma, Jade and little beau!!!!! Another spice baby!!! baby Tate. We are so happy for u all." Pregnant Victoria Beckham is delighted to hear her former Spice Girls bandmate Emma Bunton and her fiance Jade Jones have welcomed a second baby boy. Little Tate, a brother for three-year-old Beau, was born on Friday morning (06May11).

28th April 2011

Tweet: "London looks beautiful!!! we are so proud to be British!" Victoria Beckham is thrilled to be home for the royal wedding on Friday (29Apr11). The former pop star-turned-fashion designer and her soccer stud husband David will be among the guests at Westminster Abbey.

26th April 2011

Quote: "Victoria said that she thought I was gay. So in her eyes I'm a gay tramp! I'm quite happy with that." Actor Michael Sheen reveals his unkempt appearance for a new film role fooled Victoria Beckham.

17th April 2011

Tweet: "Thank u @EmmaBunton for the beautiful flowers also from Jade,beau and baby bump!!!!miss u!! Oh no!!!!sorry!!!i left out the C!!!!Thank u @Melaniecmusic for the beautiful flowers!!!!!!!!so kind of u!Miss u!... So many beautiful flowers and messages!!!!having a wonderful day with my four boys!!!!" Victoria Beckham thanks her former Spice Girls pals for their birthday wishes. The pop star-turned-fashion designer hit 37 on Sunday (17Apr11).

9th April 2011

Quote: "It's an exciting time for us with Mel B, Emma and Victoria pregnant. They're radiant and doing great. Any additions to the Spice brood is always good news!" Melanie Chisholm is delighted her former Spice Girls bandmates Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown are all expecting babies in the coming months.

6th April 2011

Fact: Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham pranked her fans on by telling them she had a famous guest at her Hollywood home - before posting a photo of her soccer star husband David reclining on a sun lounger with a life-size cardboard image of Justin Bieber.

4th April 2011

Tweet: "I can't cook, but my friend can! Now even I can learn!" Victoria Beckham plans to use pal Eva Longoria's new cookbook to become a cooking expert.

4th April 2011

Quote: "Everyone thinks you just get a tummy but everything changes. Even your ankles start to look pregnant." Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, who is expecting her fourth child, is still adjusting to her changing physique.

22nd March 2011

Quote: "Posh is beautiful. I saw her on a first-class flight once. She had an area sectioned off for her and her family but I went over with a glass of white wine and an Ambien and got into bed with her! I asked her: 'Why are you dressing Elle MACpherson when I was the first supermodel?' She said: 'Call my office.'" Janice Dickinson once got up-close-and-personal with singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

18th March 2011

Quote: "There's no way I want four babies like Victoria Beckham. She's amazing, but I couldn't do that. A mini Posh running around, wow, I'm happy for her. I'd like to have two babies." Nicole Scherzinger admires Victoria Beckham after announcing she is pregnant with her fourth child, a baby girl.

17th February 2011

Quote: "For the first time, I feel what you see is what you get. This is me; the more natural hair, the slightly more relaxed way of dressing. I'm not freaked out about getting older. I'm growing older with the most amazing man." Victoria Beckham is embracing life as she ages.

17th February 2011

Quote: "The tabloids know the sex of the baby before we do! (If it's) a boy - to add to the three boys that we (already) have - we'll have a five-a-side football team, with (husband) David. We have so much testosterone in the house, it's crazy." Pregnant Victoria Beckham insists she won't mind if her fourth child is another boy.

16th February 2011

Quote: "Me and my team work so hard all season and to have the journalists and all the retailers there, it petrifies me. I'm not gonna lie. I sit there and I have (American Vogue editor) Anna Wintour there at my show, I'm petrified!" Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham is wracked with nerves whenever she debuts her new designs on the runway. The star unveiled her latest collection on Monday (14Feb11) as part of New York Fashion Week.

16th February 2011

Quote: "I have a house full of marmalade and I don't even eat it!" Victoria Beckham has been sent many free jars of preserve since false gossip emerged claiming she was craving it during her pregnancy.

14th February 2011

Fact: Victoria Beckham celebrated her 100th dress design in style at the New York Fashion Show on Monday (14Feb11) - with Louboutin boots. Beckham kitted out her models with the latest footwear styles for her catwalk show, which included a yellow gown, marking the former Spice Girl's design milestone.

14th February 2011

Quote: "I can go on the record and say contrary to rumours, I do not know the sex of my baby! We know what to do with boys. They're excited about having a little brother to teach how to play soccer. But, if it's a girl, we'd be over the moon as well." Pregnant pop star-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham insists she doesn't know the gender of her fourth baby.

5th January 2011

Quote: "The other morning I looked across at David just after he'd woken up and thought you look really c**p. Thank God, because this is a man who always looked so perfect." Victoria Beckham is glad that even her soccer hunk husband DAVID has his down days.

20th December 2010

Tweet: "Congratulations to you all tonight, a very special family! You must be so proud of David! Lots of love!" Emma Bunton sends her best wishes to her former Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham and husband DAVID after the soccer star scooped the lifetime achievement award at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year ceremony on Sunday (19Dec10).

14th December 2010

Fact: Supermodel Marisa Miller is the latest star to strip off for designer Marc Jacobs' skin cancer awareness campaign, 'Protect The Skin You're In'. The beauty's image will appear on charity t-shirts, available at Marc Jacobs boutiques, with all proceeds benefiting the New York University Cancer Institute. Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum have previously backed the initiative.

1st December 2010

Quote: "We both like crystals, as in crystal energy. I have lots of pink quartz and black tourmaline in my bathroom. It's quite spiritual out here; all very positive." Victoria Beckham admits she and her husband DAVID are fond of 'hippie' stones since moving to Los Angeles.

10th November 2010

Quote: "I would love to (make shoes) but I would have to have the right team, I would have to really research. I am a control freak. I am very hands on and pay attention to details." Victoria Beckham hopes to expand her self-titled fashion label to include shoes.

10th November 2010

Fact: Victoria Beckham's self-titled fashion label has been shortlisted for the prestigious British Designer Brand Of The Year Award, alongside major style companies including Mulberry, Burberry and Pringle. The winner will be announced on 7 December (10).

10th November 2010

Quote: "I have a lot of respect that she can walk in those shoes going through airports. I mean, goodness, people think I dress up to go to an airport! If I'm being completely honest, is it fair to say she may have become a little bit of a parody of herself? Is that fair to say?" Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham on Lady GaGa's outrageous style.

8th November 2010

Quote: "He started wearing the most weird shoes when we lived in Spain. Sorry, David. You embraced that culture!" Victoria Beckham mocks her husband DAVID's dress sense.

6th November 2010

Tweet: "School project! We made this pilgrim doll. Amazing what you can do with a toilet paper roll!" Victoria Beckham puts her craft skills to good use for her kids.

4th November 2010

Quote: "I love it. I think she's one of the best designers. She's no longer an emerging designer, she's become a real designer." Supermodel Iman is a big fan of Victoria Beckham's clothing collection.

31st October 2010

Quote: "Victoria's absolutely fine despite everything. It's awful for that kind of thing to happen to her, but Victoria is very strong. She's been in this environment for a long time where things are sometimes said that aren't true. But you just ignore them and get on with things." Melanie Chisholm insists her Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham has brushed off allegations her husband DAVID bedded a prostitute.

21st October 2010

Quote: "So he's sitting there sending his emails, all ripped. Not an ounce of fat on him. And I thought, 'You done good, girl!'" Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham is proud to call soccer stud David Beckham her husband.

18th September 2010

Quote: "I'm a bit fed up of having footballs kicked at me. Obviously they love soccer because of David. Being a mum is hard." Victoria Beckham on her three soccer-mad sons.

14th September 2010

Tweet: "Naomi looking gorgeous in one of my dresses from the fall collection! Thank u Naomi!!!!!" Victoria Beckham is thrilled to see supermodel Naomi Campbell in one of her designs at New York Fashion Week.

6th September 2010

Quote: "I'm very aware that I'm working my way up the ladder. I have a long, long way to go." Pop star-turned-designer Victoria Beckham acknowledges she has a lot to learn in the fashion industry.

6th September 2010

Quote: "It's great having a close friend who's a designer. Victoria has given me five or six dresses from her new range to wear while I'm in London." Eva Longoria PARKER is thrilled to get freebies from good pal Victoria Beckham's clothing line.

3rd September 2010

Quote: "There have been so many people claiming to tweet as me I thought it was time for me to tweet up." Victoria Beckham on her decision to join microblogging site this week (ends03Sep10).

3rd September 2010

Tweet: "So honoured to be nominated for designer brand of the year from the British Fashion Council!!" Victoria Beckham is thrilled with her latest style nod.

6th August 2010

Fact: Victoria Beckham has become an aunt again - her sister LOUISE has given birth to her fourth child. The little girl was born in Essex, south-east England on Thursday (05Aug10).

9th July 2010

Quote: "I am a gay man in a woman's body, so God supposes I should love singers like Lady GaGa... At first I didn't like her or the way she dressed. Now she is working with designers and wearing couture clothes. Bit by bit she is finding her image and it's nice to see it as she is undoubtedly (a) talented girl." LADY GAGA has won over Victoria Beckham.

24th June 2010

Fact: Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, record producer Mark Ronson and shoe designer Christian Louboutin were among the stars who turned out at London's Claridge's hotel on Wednesday (23Jun10) for the grand unveiling of a line of custom suites decorated by fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg.

7th June 2010

Fact: MARY J. BLIGE is following in the footsteps of Madonna and Victoria Beckham by launching her own range of sunglasses. The R&B superstar and her Interscope Records boss Jimmy Iovine have teamed up with Orange 21 Inc. bosses to create the premium collection, which is due for release this autumn (10).

7th June 2010

Fact: Victoria Beckham is preparing to add a collection of suits to her self-titled fashion range - the former Spice Girl has been studying with a tailor from London's Savile Row to perfect her designs.

26th May 2010

Quote: "She went to this little poodle parlour and they gave her a blueberry facial and they gave her pink nails." Victoria Beckham on her bulldog Coco's recent mutt makeover.

26th May 2010

Quote: "Beyonce is so beautiful, and I have so much respect for her. Don't know if that's true, but it would be a huge compliment if it were. We'll see." Victoria Beckham hopes rumours that she's about to design stage outfits for Beyonce are true.

17th May 2010

Fact: Hundreds of Jonas Brothers fans descended on The Grove in Los Angeles on Saturday (15Apr10) to see the trio perform a free gig. Among the crowd were DAVID and Victoria Beckham, who took along their three sons for the show.

4th May 2010

Quote: "She's a genius. She's incredible. Her dresses are amazing. I don't really know her, but I think she's doing incredible stuff." Gwyneth Paltrow is full of praise for Victoria Beckham's fashion designs.

22nd April 2010

Fact: Victoria Beckham has posed for a new fashion shoot for Germany's Vogue magazine, sitting on a giant plastic duck.

20th April 2010

Fact: Victoria Beckham has teamed up with her pal Eva Longoria PARKER to film a new U.S. ad campaign. The two stars appear in a promo for LG Fashion Touch cellphones, with the former Spice Girl testing out her acting skills as she pretends to style her friend for a fashion show.

8th February 2010

Fact: Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham is to become an aunt - her sister LOUISE is pregnant.

5th February 2010

Quote: "It was DAVID who set my phone up to play RIGHT SAID FRED. I can't change it because I'm rubbish with phones. I'll be at the gym and suddenly I've got Right Said Fred playing and I'm so mortified." Victoria Beckham is embarrassed by the ringtone, 1991's I'M TOO SEXY, her soccer star husband selected.

2nd February 2010

Quote: "Everything revolves around the kids. So if I'm not working, I go to the school and help serve lunches to the children. They just love that. It's like 'Oh, there's Mummy serving me!'" Victoria Beckham often helps out at her kids' school by working as a dinner lady.

29th January 2010

Fact: Victoria Beckham is set to add talk show presenter to her resume - she is joining the ladies of U.S. TV's The View next month (Feb10). The pop star-turned-fashion designer will take a seat alongside co-hosts including Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters as a guest co-host on 17 February (10).

26th January 2010

Quote: "She's just an amazing woman. Victoria and I are in similar circumstances when it comes to our husbands. I admire the wife and mother that she is and, at the same time, this glamorous, beautiful businesswoman. I aspire to be like her someday." Eva Longoria PARKER is full of praise for Victoria Beckham.

19th January 2010

Quote: "For every hurdle we were jumping, we had this great support. They're a normal, fun, loving couple who are the most doting parents ever. They've been a huge pillar of support." TV chef Gordon Ramsay knows he can turn to his friends DAVID and Victoria Beckham during tough times.

14th January 2010

Quote: "I am always surprised at how short Simon is. I have known him for a while but it still always shocks me." Victoria Beckham on her recent guest appearance on Simon Cowell's U.S. TV show American Idol.

12th January 2010

Quote: "I never ever spend money like that. That's absolutely crazy... I don't know where they get these quotes from... That's an awful thing, to go and spend that sort of money... It's ludicrous." Victoria Beckham can't believe stories suggesting she spent a whopping $1.6 million (£1 million) on designer goods during a pre-Christmas (09) shopping trip in Milan, Italy. The former pop star was even quoted as saying, "I did spend too much. Shopping is like a drug. The more you have the more you want."

5th January 2010

Quote: "It's always fun to look at the pictures, 'Do I like my hair here? Don't I like my hair there?'" Victoria Beckham uses gossip magazines to rate her style.

24th December 2009

Quote: "There's a new Nick Knight book out that I'm very much hoping for." Victoria Beckham has put the new tome by the esteemed photographer on her Christmas wish list.

20th December 2009

Fact: Victoria Beckham's younger sister LOUISE officially married new husband DARREN FLOOD in a small registry office in Hertfordshire, England. The former SPICE GIRL is throwing her sibling a huge winter wedding for family and friends on 27 December (09).

21st November 2009

Quote: "I'm not going to lie - I'm not one of those people that says, 'Oh, I eat hamburgers.' I eat salad. And I start off every day with a double espresso. Then I get on the running machine and I run like a bat out of hell." Victoria Beckham reveals the secrets of her super-skinny figure.

20th November 2009

Quote: "I don't self-tan anymore. It's frustrating when people criticise my colour. It's the colour that I am. I wear sunblock, but I live in a hot climate." Victoria Beckham insists she is no longer a fan of orange fake tans.

31st October 2009

Quote: "I don't mind making mistakes. I just can't live with anyone else's mistakes. I'm a complete control freak. I'm not the easiest person to work with." Victoria Beckham likes to be in charge.

30th October 2009

Quote: "People never believed the solo singing career, and it wasn't the real me - I was a little bit lost at the time." Victoria Beckham on her flop recording career.

21st October 2009

Quote: "I think lots of gay men want to s**g David and they probably want to dress me up, brush my hair and put my make-up on!" Victoria Beckham and her husband DAVID love life as gay icons.

20th October 2009

Quote: "I go into hair and make-up and I turn into Victoria Beckham. I'll try on all my dresses and I'll pick out a handbag and I'll put on the shades. I instantly turn into this person and it sort of feels like a character. There are so many pictures of it. If I go into a supermarket looking like s**t it affects my work. I am selling an image." VICTORIA BECKHAM explains her high-fashion everyday look.

15th October 2009

Fact: Christina Aguilera will follow in the footsteps of Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria PARKER when she appears as a guest judge on Heidi Klum's hit TV fashion contest PROJECT RUNWAY. The singer's judgements of the aspiring designers will air in the U.S. on Thursday (15Oct09).

23rd September 2009

Quote: "I am a complete control freak, an absolute nightmare. But the way I see it, if I am going to leave my husband and my kids and take time away to do something, I'm going to do it right and I'm going to do it my way. That's my attitude. I have to have control over everything." Victoria Beckham is a perfectionist when it comes to her fashion line.

15th September 2009

Quote: "I was really starstruck by Whoopi Goldberg. And I was even more nervous because just before I went on my husband was texting me going, 'I can't believe you're meeting Whoopi Goldberg!' We're such big fans of her." Victoria Beckham was delighted to meet Oscar winner Goldberg on Monday (14Sep09) when she appeared on U.S. talk show The View, which is co-hosted by the Ghost actress.

15th September 2009

Quote: "Everyone always says, 'David's so sexy and she's so funny' - I'm sick of being the funny one!" Victoria Beckham wants to be seen as sexy, just like her soccer star husband.

15th September 2009

Quote: "That's just me, maybe that's just the way my face falls!" Victoria Beckham insists her famous pout isn't intentional.

13th September 2009

Quote: "He's not interested in the process, which I love, so I just chase him around the house, spraying fragrance on him to see what he likes and doesn't like." Victoria Beckham reveals how she and husband David select scents for their Signature Story line.

11th September 2009

Quote: "I have a good-looking husband... but don't kick a ball in his direction or he'll run away." Kate Beckinsale admits her husband Len Wiseman doesn't have too much in common with pal Victoria Beckham's soccer stud man, David.

10th September 2009

Quote: "We should just not talk about each other’s boobs." Victoria Beckham refuses to discuss her rumoured breast enhancement surgeries.

3rd September 2009

Fact: David Beckham celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary with a new tattoo. The hunky dad of three had 10 roses inked around his arms - one for each year of his marriage to former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham.

2nd September 2009

Fact: Punk-pop star Avril Lavigne is the latest celebrity to sign up to guest judge wannabe singers on American Idol. Following Paula Abdul's departure, bosses on the hit U.S. talent show have roped in Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, Shania Twain and MARY J. BLIGE to sit in a panellist's seat.

13th August 2009

Quote: "I don't want to shatter anybody's dream, but there's nothing wrong with constructive criticism." Victoria Beckham insists she wasn't Mrs. Nice on the American Idol judging panel.

10th August 2009

Fact: Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham has a new Hebrew tattoo on her left wrist to celebrate her marriage to soccer ace DAVID. The message reads "together forever, eternally" and is believed to mark the couple's 10-year wedding anniversary on 4 July (09).

10th August 2009

Quote: "He is the only man in the music industry who turned down the Spice Girls and said we would never work." Victoria Beckham reveals music mogul Simon Cowell was not convinced the pop stars would be a chart success. According to the BBC, the British five-piece is the most successful girl group of all time.

8th August 2009

Quote: "I want to be nice to people. I know how it feels to be judged and when nerves really get the better of you. I don't want to shatter anybody's dream." Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham vows to be complimentary to wannabe pop stars when she appears as a guest judge on American Idol next year (10).

6th August 2009

Fact: Katy Perry is the latest star heading to the judging panel of U.S. talent show American Idol. The I KISSED A GIRL hitmaker will make an appearance on the forthcoming season of the show, when she'll be seen sitting through select auditions. Victoria Beckham has also landed a guest judge slot. Both will replace Paula Abdul, who quit the show earlier this week (beg03Aug09).

2nd July 2009

Fact: DAVID and Victoria Beckham are making public appearances semi-nude in their newest underwear ads for fashion giant EMPORIO ARMANI. The former Spice Girl and her soccer star husband's steamy photos will be blown up on billboards in New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, Rome, Paris and Tokyo beginning this month (Jul09) for the designer's Autumn/Winter 2009-10 campaign.

12th May 2009

Quote: "When David and I got to the first shoot we were both standing in our bathrobes, looking at each other and saying, 'OK, who's going to drop their dressing gown first?' It can be a little intimidating standing half-naked in a studio full of strangers, so it's good to have the support of each other, reassuring and encouraging one another." Victoria Beckham on stripping off for an Armani ad campaign with husband DAVID.

12th May 2009

Quote: "We're not looking for a house in MilanThe last thing I want is another house." Los Angeles-based Victoria Beckham denies she has been househunting in Italy, where her soccer star husband DAVID has been playing for A.C. Milan.

22nd April 2009

Quote: "I am never going to sing again." Victoria Beckham insists her pop career is well and truly over.

19th April 2009

Fact: Victoria Beckham will look stylish if she falls pregnant with a fourth child - CHRISTIAN SORIANO, the designer she helped discover on U.S. TV show PROJECT RUNWAY, has launched a maternity wear line.

17th April 2009

Fact: Victoria Beckham celebrated her 35th birthday with a star-studded ladies-only dinner on Wednesday (15Apr09).. The former SPICE GIRL invited actress pals Kate Beckinsale, Katie Holmes and Eva Longoria PARKER to dine at Cecconi's in Hollywood.

6th April 2009

Quote: "Everyone thinks that I'm a miserable b**ch who goes shopping every day." Victoria Beckham on the public perception of her.

6th April 2009

Quote: "I worked very hard so when I'm 50 I can look back and say, 'Hey, Mummy didn't look too bad after having three kids." Victoria Beckham on spending five months in the gym before posing for an underwear campaign.

2nd April 2009

Quote: "VANESSA and I would love to be like the U.S. DAVID and Victoria Beckham. It's funny when we're compared to them, I just can't believe it. I totally love the way David dresses." Zac Efron is hoping he and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens can emulate the British couple's success.

9th March 2009

Quote: "I think Victoria looks very sharp. She's a very stylish lady and I really like her military hats. I mean that." Pete Doherty names Victoria Beckham as his style icon.

16th February 2009

Quote: "I love women. I like them as friends, as interesting people to speak with. But I love gay men. I always say it. Inside me there is a gay man who wants to come out! With heterosexual men I have nothing in common - excluding my husband, brothers and father." Victoria Beckham.

5th February 2009

Quote: "I love women. I like them as friends, as interesting people to speak with. But I love gay men. I always say it. Inside me there is a gay man who wants to come out!" Victoria Beckham is a huge fan of homosexual men.

5th February 2009

Quote: "If it happens, I'd love it. You can't choose what you have but after three boys I would love a girl." Victoria Beckham would like a daughter to balance out her brood of boys.

22nd January 2009

Fact: Victoria Beckham graces the cover of the latest (Feb09) issue of Russian Vogue magazine. The former SPICE GIRL is pictured wearing a cap and sucking her thumb.

15th January 2009

Fact: Katie Holmes has followed in the footsteps of close friend Victoria Beckham by posing provocatively for a photoshoot. Photographs of the actress modelling for fashion house MIU MIU were unveiled on Thursday (15Jan09), 24 hours after shots of Beckham posing in sexy lingerie for rival company EMPORIO ARMANI.

10th December 2008

Quote: "I rarely wear (make-up) at home. I think men probably like women more natural than we think they do - DAVID always says he likes me make up-free." Victoria Beckham prefers the natural look when she's not in the spotlight.

10th December 2008

Quote: "We've always taught the boys to be gentlemen and to respect women. If I'm heading out for the night and I'm all glammed up, they say, 'Mummy, you look lovely.' They're already great at making girls feel good!" Victoria Beckham has sons BROOKLYN, ROMEO and CRUZ well trained.

9th December 2008

Quote: "She's gorgeous - although I do wish she would smile a little more." DAME Helen Mirren on Victoria Beckham.

2nd December 2008

Quote: "People are always remarking how well-behaved the boys are. They've all got their own headed notepaper for thank-you letters." Victoria Beckham is proud of the way she and husband DAVID have brought up their sons BROOKLYN, ROMEO and CRUZ.

1st December 2008

Fact: Victoria Beckham has released a short avant-garde film to promote her new range of dresses. The fashionista makes a brief cameo appearance in the promo, which sees a group of models playing hide and seek - covering their heads with cardboard boxes, socks and lying down on the floor in full evening wear.

6th November 2008

Quote: "Her line of dresses is fantastic and I'm really proud of her. I'd definitely wear one of them, provided I could fit my bum into it." British actress Kate Beckinsale on her pal Victoria Beckham's new fashion collection.

5th November 2008

Quote: "The energy they emit is incredibly powerful. These pieces act as talismans of love, healing and protection." Victoria Beckham on buying herself and her husband DAVID special necklaces to mark their 10th wedding anniversary next July (09).

3rd November 2008

Quote: "That's the other thing I would love to do. Make a show with her, as she actually is funny. A p**s-taker. She'd become the biggest celebrity in the world." American Idol judge Simon Cowell is determined to work with Victoria Beckham.

30th October 2008

Fact: Victoria Beckham will reportedly pocket $18.7 million (GBP12 million) after landing a modelling deal with top fashion house Armani. The singer-turned-fashionista will front Emporio Armani Women's underwear collection in the Spring/Summer 2009 campaign.

27th October 2008

Quote: "I believe you can tell a lot about people through their kids and BROOKLYN, ROMEO and CRUZ are three of the most respectable, well mannered kids you'd ever come across. They are a very classy family." Singer Seal has a lot of respect for DAVID and Victoria Beckham.

23rd October 2008

Fact: Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham has posed in a traditional sari as part of a photoshoot for November's (08) issue of Indian Vogue.

7th October 2008

Quote: "BROOKLYN just loves THE Beatles. Can't get him to listen to any of my records, though!" Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham on her eldest son's musical tastes.

3rd October 2008

Quote: "I run four miles, seven days a week... I got quite into it when the Olympics started." Victoria Beckham admits the Summer Olympics in Beijing inspired her to get fit.

3rd October 2008

Quote: "It's a load of s**t. I love the Pussycat Dolls and I have a lot of respect for them and they're great, but I was in a group and it was fun, but not anymore." Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham denies reports she's set to join the Pussycat Dolls.

2nd October 2008

Quote: “He always smells nice. I’ve never smelled him smelling bad…He’s perfect. Look at him!” Victoria Beckham gushes about soccer stud husband DAVID.

27th September 2008

Quote: "Everyone says, 'God, David is so good looking' and I'm funny. I tell David that looks will fade." Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham likes to tease her soccer ace husband DAVID.

24th September 2008

Quote: "She's too skinny to have hair that short. To get away with that, you need to have something soft about your face." Kelly Osbourne isn't a fan of Victoria Beckham's new haircut.

23rd September 2008

Quote: "I can't remember what the last row we had was about. I think the older you get, you tend not to row as much." Victoria Beckham rarely disagrees with soccer ace husband DAVID.

23rd September 2008

Quote: "ROMEO is really, really into his clothes. He'd wear a suit every day if we'd let him." Victoria Beckham passed on her love of fashion to her six-year-old son.

23rd September 2008

Quote: "I know people sometimes don't want to believe we are happy but we are. And, come on, I couldn't put on an act. I'm not that good an actress. Have you seen Spiceworld?" Former Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham insists life with her footballer husband David is bliss - and recalls her embarrassing attempt at a movie career.

22nd September 2008

Quote: "I'm so content I've even been smiling a bit these days." Notorious pouter Victoria Beckham has reasons to be cheerful.

16th September 2008

Quote: "Along with women's denim the dVb men's collection has just launched, and who better than David to be my muse!" Fashion designer Victoria Beckham gets inspiration for her dVb brand creations from soccer star husband David Beckham.

10th September 2008

Quote: "Men who wear skinny jeans won't be wearing my jeans. I don't think jeans should be tight around their bollocks. I don't want to see that part of a guy's anatomy all squashed in." Denim guru Victoria Beckham wants to ban men from wearing her jeans too tight.

9th September 2008

Quote: "I cook a Sunday dinner every single Sunday, I'll have you know. My kids like Yorkshire pudding, I make it from scratch and I make Dora The Explorer cakes for afters because the kids love them." Victoria Beckham enjoys cooking for her family.

9th September 2008

Fact: Victoria Beckham debuted a new haircut at the Marc Jacobs fashion show in New York City on Monday (08Sep08). The former SPICE GIRL's locks have been died black and cropped into a short pixie cut.

4th September 2008

Quote: "They are very positive, the Americans. Every time I come out of the drive in my car they wave like we're characters out of Disney." Victoria Beckham loves living in Los Angeles.

4th September 2008

Quote: "Because of our fame we have a lot of money and it's enabled me to do what I want in fashion. But do I want to be anonymous? Of course. I don't need to feed my ego that way any more." Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham is over the need to be famous.

4th September 2008

Quote: "It's almost like my fourth child. I think sometimes (husband) DAVID thinks I'm a bit nuts. I get very excited about rivets and buttons and fabrics that he doesn't really understand." Victoria Beckham is obsessed with her new dVb branded fashion range.

20th August 2008

Quote: "I won't be making any plans to create my own clothes range. When I look at the lives of people setting trends these days, such as Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham, I realise that I'm nowhere near their level yet." Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole won't be designing a fashion collection any time soon.

14th August 2008

Quote: "It's funny because there's just one bob haircut you can do, and just because VICTORIA has it, anybody can say, 'She's following Victoria.' No, it's pretty much a haircut. But she's a good friend of mine and she loves it." Eva Longoria PARKER is tired of people who think her new hairstyle is a sign she's copying pal Victoria Beckham'S look.

8th August 2008

Fact: Victoria Beckham will turn British department store Harvey Nichols purple when she unveils her new perfume later this month (Aug08). The former SPICE GIRL will have the Manchester, England shop decked out in specially made mauve carpets to match the packaging of her forthcoming fragrance.

18th July 2008

Quote: "A fashion victim would have that must-have dress, that must-have handbag. I don't." SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham denies she is a fashion follower.

16th July 2008

Quote: "I'm a normal looking girl, and I just make the best of what I have. I'm not out-of-the-ordinary looking at all." Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham insists she's not a stunner.

10th June 2008

Quote: "She gave me nipple covers. You don't want your little peas sticking out, do you?" Kate Beckinsale has been taking fashion advice from Victoria Beckham.

26th May 2008

Quote: "I love Sex And The Cityand I'm going to arrange a girlie night to watch the film." Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham makes plans to see Sex And The City: THE MOVIE on the big screen.

20th May 2008

Quote: "(I get drunk) all the time. We went to Napa for my birthday. David organised a surprise and we all got drunk and had a laugh. You know, I might look like a stony-faced pain in the arse cow, but in actual fact, I like to have a laugh." Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham insists she is much more fun in real life than her reputation suggests.

14th May 2008

Quote: "I love Top Gun. It has to be my favourite. MAVERICK sitting in the same room is pretty weird." Victoria Beckham on her friendship with Hollywood star Tom Cruise.

14th May 2008

Quote: "All the men that do like me are gay. I do love gay men though." Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham explains her popularity with the male species.

29th April 2008

Quote: "Scary Spice is my favourite all day long, although I like POSH too." Singer/songwriter NE-YO is asked to name his favourite SPICE GIRL - and chooses MELANIE BROWN over Victoria Beckham.

9th April 2008

Fact: Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham's latest ads for designer Marc Jacobs feature her provocatively sucking her thumb and wearing arm-length yellow gloves. The style queen teamed up with Jacobs and fashion photographer Juergen Teller for the sexy new ads.

29th March 2008

Fact: Victoria Beckham has designed a solid gold replica of Los Angeles' Chateau Marmont hotel's drainpipe, which she hopes to sell for $50,000 (GBP25,000).

23rd March 2008

Fact: Pop star Victoria Beckham and her soccer ace husband DAVID have made new friends in Hollywood - the couple was spotted dining out with fellow Brit Kate Beckinsale and her partner Len Wiseman in Los Angeles on Friday (21Mar08).

20th March 2008

Quote: "For me the brand is almost like my fourth child, I get excited about rivets and buttons and fabrics and Pantone books." Victoria Beckham can't get enough of her fashion label dvb.

10th March 2008

Fact: Victoria Beckham is teaming up with Roland Mouret - the designer behind the iconic Galaxy and Moon dresses - to create a limited edition range of clothing, provisionally entitled the Little Black Dress collection.

7th March 2008

Quote: "Obviously working out is important. Well, I don't. I have joined a gym but I can't bring myself to start. What do you wear on the running machine? I can't bring myself to wear flat shoes." SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham puts style above physical substance.

7th March 2008

Quote: "If they haven't got my size I just stick toilet paper in them." Fashion lover Victoria Beckham always gets the shoes she likes - even if they're too big for her.

27th February 2008

Quote: "He adores Marilyn Monroe and all she signifies. But I'm sure he's just being a good hubby when he calls me his Marilyn." Victoria Beckham is unsure whether her husband DAVID liked her recent blonde hairstyle.

20th February 2008

Quote: "Victoria's son CRUZ was a little star. We all had our children up on stage tonight and Cruz started break dancing! How cool is that? It's clearly in the family." Geri Halliwell was very impressed with bandmate Victoria Beckham's three-year-old son's talented display at the Spice Girls concert in New York on Monday night (18Feb08).

18th February 2008

Quote: "My underwear is all fluorescent right now. David will love it." SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham is confident her colourful lingerie will be a big turn on for her soccer star husband.

18th February 2008

Quote: "It is the first time we haven't been together on Valentine's Day (14Feb08). It was very sad." SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham hates being separated from her soccer star husband DAVID. The pop star is currently on a tour of North America with the WANNABE hitmakers.

9th February 2008

Fact: Victoria Beckham will be the guest judge on the 5 March (08) finale of Heidi Klum's U.S. reality TV show PROJECT RUNWAY.

25th January 2008

Fact: SIR Elton John is teaming up with French soccer star Thierry Henry for a charity dinner next Thursday (31Jan08) to raise $2 million (GBP1 million) in funds for Cystic Fibrosis. Celebrities invited to the lavish dinner at London's Dorchester Hotel include DAVID and Victoria Beckham, and John will treat the guests to a live performance.

24th January 2008

Fact: SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham was cheered on at the group's Manchester, England gig on Wednesday (23Jan08) night by pal EVA LONGORIA PARKER, who was in the audience at the M.E.N Arena - as was Take That star JASON ORANGE.

24th January 2008

Fact: SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham joined burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese and supermodel Claudia Schiffer in the front row at Paris Fashion Week for the unveiling of designer Roland Mouret's new collection on Wednesday (23Jan08).

15th January 2008

Quote: "If I looked like that, I'd walk down the street in my panties, too." Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham on husband DAVID's sexy new Giorgio Armani underwear campaign.

5th January 2008

Quote: "They're very, very funny. I keep telling them: 'You probably should let people know how funny you all are, 'cos y'all (are) hilarious." Will Smith thinks DAVID and Victoria Beckham could rival him in the comedy stakes.

27th December 2007

Quote: "KATIE is a great girlfriend. We're very girlie together. She really helped me out when we moved to L.A., introducing us to people and finding a school for the kids." Victoria Beckham on her friendship with KATIE HOLMES.

13th December 2007

Fact: SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham and her soccer star husband DAVID enjoyed a steamy night out in Las Vegas on Tuesday (11Dec07) when they paid a visit to Sin City's Spearmint Rhino strip club. The couple was joined by members of the girlband's tour entourage and spent three hours in a VIP room at the venue.

8th December 2007

Quote: "I've been under this media spotlight for a long time. I always look very serious and moody in the pictures. I don't know (why I don't smile). It's just me." Victoria Beckham can't explain her moodiness.

3rd December 2007

Quote: "Luck? That doesn't matter, people will still say we're s**t anyway." Victoria Beckham awaits the critics' reactions to the Spice Girls' comeback tour - which opened on Sunday (02Dec07) in Vancouver, Canada.

2nd December 2007

Fact: Victoria Beckham is the only SPICE GIRL not to perform a solo song during the quintet's world tour. Instead, POSH SPICE will have her own fashion exhibition where she will strut her stuff on a catwalk.

7th November 2007

Quote: "I just had my hair dyed the other day and I got in the car and they looked at me and said, 'Oh my goodness, it's Posh Spice. She's back.'" Victoria Beckham's three sons give mum's new hairstyle a thumbs up.

1st November 2007

Quote: "Don't smile at all. You have to look really miserable. Like really miserable. Annoyed. And wear a short skirt, very high heels and a bob hairstyle." Victoria Beckham advises wannabes how to look and behave like her.

30th October 2007

Quote: "I'm hoping Amanda gets mad when Victoria's around and starts shouting 'That skinny slut!' But let's see. She can be pretty gushy around celebrities." UGLY BETTY'S BECKI NEWTON has the claws out ahead of Victoria Beckham'S cameo.

29th October 2007

Quote: "She definitely belongs in the Mode world. She'd definitely be somebody that Wilhemina would be good buddies with!" America Ferrera thinks Victoria Beckham is well-suited for her cameo role in UGLY BETTY.

18th October 2007

Fact: Victoria Beckham has enlisted top Hollywood interior designer Kelly Hoppen to revamp her Los Angeles home.

17th October 2007

Quote: "Paparazzi follow us around everywhere. We have a security team everywhere we go - school, shopping, MCDonald's." Spice Girl Victoria Beckham on the family's entourage.

26th September 2007

Quote: "If I started hanging out with TOM (CRUISE) and KATIE (HOLMES), people would think I was their cleaner tagging along!" UGLY BETTY star Ashley Jensen doesn't have the confidence of fellow Brits DAVID and Victoria Beckham when it comes to befriending Hollywood stars.

6th September 2007

Quote: "It's funny, we talk more about how we're feeling, weird stuff that's happened, girlie things and clothes and nonsense. She'll talk about funny things her kids do and MARC (ANTHONY, Lopez's husband) will talk about the same thing." Jennifer Lopez on her friendship with Victoria Beckham.

20th August 2007

Fact: SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham is publishing her style book in the U.S. with HarperEntertainment. Beckham's That Extra Half An Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between was a best-seller in her native Britain when it was first published last October (06).

9th August 2007

Quote: "We're starting to say trunk instead of boot, trash instead of rubbish, that kind of thing." DAVID and Victoria Beckham are starting to pick up the American lingo within a month of moving to Los Angeles.

25th July 2007

Fact: Victoria Beckham's movie dreams have been given a boost - she's one unnamed Hollywood producer's favourite to play Peter Pan's fairy pal TINKERBELL in a new film.

24th July 2007

Quote: "Everyone in LA does pilates, so I'll give it a go." SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham tries desperately to fit in with exercise-mad Hollywood.

18th July 2007

Quote: "The first thing we did when we got here was we went to Toys R Us to get the boys some new bikes, which we promised them." Victoria Beckham on the 'coming to America' gifts she bought sons Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn.

18th July 2007

Quote: "They dress down quite a lot here, don't they? It seems to be in keeping to go to Starbucks in tracksuit bottoms and Ugg boots." Victoria Beckham is unimpressed by how much Hollywood actresses dress down in Los Angeles.

18th July 2007

Quote: "I can't be seen to eat." SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham refuses to accept a cookie gift from internet gossip Perez Hilton, who she met in a coffee shop while filming her new TV special Coming To America.

17th July 2007

Quote: "I don't take myself too seriously. I enjoy sending myself up... I'm just hoping people do get it and don't truly think that I do sunbathe in high heels and a bikini and a full face of make-up." Victoria Beckham worries about her reputation in Los Angeles.

17th July 2007

Quote: "They dress down quite a lot here, don't they? It seems to be in keeping to go to Starbucks (coffee shop) in tracksuit bottoms and Ugg boots - I have one pair for non-photographic opportunities only." Victoria Beckham plans to .

16th July 2007

Quote: "I'm getting really self-conscious about the fact I do constantly look like a bit of a miserable bitch." Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is considering ditching her trademark pout.

16th July 2007

Quote: "Everyone thought it was GUCCI, but it cost about 20 pounds. Gucci got so much publicity from it, you'd think I would have at least gotten a bag." Victoria Beckham on the misconceptions about her famous little black Spice Girls dress.

16th July 2007

Quote: "I hate the fact that I actually thought he was alright. He actually made me laugh." SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham thought celebrity blogger Perez Hilton would be her worst enemy.

16th July 2007

Quote: "We've got so many children now, it's not about parenting any more, it's about crowd control. With so many, I'm constantly saying 'Don't touch this, don't touch that.'" Victoria Beckham finds motherhood testing.

12th July 2007

Quote: "We love to lock the doors and wander around naked." Victoria Beckham gives an insight into the home life of her and soccer star husband DAVID.

2nd July 2007

Quote: "I've been practicing for years to keep that pout. I learned how to do it and stuck with it." Sultry SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham jokes about her trademark expression.

29th June 2007

Quote: "It's like being divorced then getting back with your ex." Victoria Beckham on the Spice Girls' reunion.

16th June 2007

Quote: "She has a great sense of style. I think she looks wonderful." Victoria Beckham on pal Katie Holmes' new hairstyle.

14th June 2007

Quote: "There's nothing that a good old saucepan round the head won't sort out." Victoria Beckham reveals how she always gets her own way with soccer star husband DAVID.

13th June 2007

Quote: "If I was really bothered about what people think, I would have slit my wrists a few years ago." Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham does not care if her new reality TV show documenting her move to Los Angeles is unsuccessful.

6th June 2007

Quote: "Who cares if I'm not posh enough? All I care about is that Karl Lagerfeld (fashion designer for Chanel) said I'm cool - and he's the man." Victoria Beckham isn't bothered by criticisms she's too common to become a Lady should her soccer star husband DAVID receive a knighthood.

5th June 2007

Quote: "She is gorgeous, she is the bomb and she is killing it!" R+B star Rihanna is a big fan of L.A.-bound former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham.

22nd May 2007

Fact: Los Angeles-bound Victoria Beckham will present a gong at the MTV Movie Awards next month (04Jun07).

7th April 2007

Quote: "She loves them, which thrills me. JENNIFER (LOPEZ) has amazing taste and it's a huge compliment that she wears them." Victoria Beckham is thrilled her famous pal has started wearing her signature sunglasses.

28th February 2007

Fact: DAVID and Victoria Beckham have been named the world's most environmentally unfriendly celebrity couple. The soccer ace and his fashion icon wife own 15 cars, four homes and travel thousands of miles by airplane each year.

23rd February 2007

Quote: "I was just in Paris for couture week and it was so inspiring to watch how people carry themselves. I find it more inspiring looking at a French lady sitting there waiting for a bus, than walking around a designer store." Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham literally gets her style tips from the woman on the street.

21st February 2007

Quote: "Quite often I take the linings out of my clothes to improve the fit. I never allow them to get see-through, though. I can't bear see-throughness at all - not after three children." Style icon Victoria Beckham bemoans the effects of childbirth on her svelte figure.

19th February 2007

Quote: "Like everyone else, I check the magazine to see what looks she has on each week because she has a great sense of style." Ex-SPICE GIRL Emma Bunton lavishes praise on her former bandmate Victoria Beckham.

8th February 2007

Quote: "Good. As long as they are out of my country." Singer Lily Allen on her reaction to DAVID and Victoria Beckham moving to Los Angeles.

3rd February 2007

Fact: Victoria Beckham acted as guest fashion editor for the March (07) issue of US Harper's Bazaar magazine and styled friend Katie Holmes, who appears on the cover. The magazine's Editor-in-Chief, GLENDA BAILEY, came up with the idea of pairing Beckham with Holmes when the three of them dined together during fashion shows in Paris in November (06).

26th January 2007

Quote: "I'm still finding my way around LA, but we'll get there. The kids want to know the quickest way to Disneyland!" US-bound former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham is still getting to grips with Transatlantic life.

18th January 2007

Fact: Tom Cruise has become Hollywood's most famous chauffeur after he was spotted personally escorting his wife Katie Holmes and girlfriend Victoria Beckham to dinner on Tuesday night (17JAN07).

3rd January 2007

Fact: Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham and her soccer star husband DAVID splashed out on an indoor skydiving experience to ring in the New Year (07). The pair visited Britain's Airkix centre in Milton Keynes for the adrenaline event on Monday (01JAN07).

28th December 2006

Quote: "It was such a simple ceremony and really lovely. I've read that they exchanged all these wacky vows but it was just 'Do you take her?' and 'Do you take him?' - basic but gorgeous and not in the least bit weird." Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham insists the wedding of pals Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise was a down-to-earth affair.

27th December 2006

Quote: "I am very disciplined about what I eat. But I don't even know what a size double-zero is." Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham insists she's unfamiliar with super-skinny clothing sizes.

8th December 2006

Fact: Newlyweds Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dined with pal Victoria Beckham and newfound friends Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony at Los Angeles' eaterie The Cut on Wednesday night (06DEC06).

23rd November 2006

Fact: Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham and her soccer superstar husband DAVID have been immortalised on a special edition Monopoly board game based on their extravagant lifestyles.

7th November 2006

Quote: "I love her new bob and I told (celebrity stylist) Ken Paves, 'I wanna look like Victoria Beckham, so he put my hair back." Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria's HARSH TIMES premiere look was inspired by Beckham's faux-bob style.

5th November 2006

Fact: The paparazzi army which swarmed Jennifer Aniston at Los Angeles' LAX airport on Wednesday (01NOV06) - prompting police to escort the actress away - were actually there trying to get shots of Victoria Beckham, who was reportedly on the same flight.

31st October 2006

Fact: Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham smashed records at London department store Selfridges when copies of her style book THAT EXTRA HALF INCH sold out within hours of going on sale yesterday (30OCT06). More than 3,000 fans queued from 6.30am (local time) to get an autographed copy.

31st October 2006

Quote: "I'd love to be Lady Beckham, it's just so camp." Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham is hoping rumours her soccer ace husband DAVID is set to join Britain's aristocracy are true.

18th September 2006

Fact: Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham and her soccer superstar husband David Beckham have been voted the most attractive parents in a survey by British food company Avent. Brad Pitt was voted second most attractive dad while his partner Angelina Jolie was named third most attractive mother.

6th June 2006

Quote: "I'm not one of those women men drool over. I've met celebrities that put on an outfit and turn on the sex appeal but that's not me." Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham plays down her looks.

21st February 2006

Quote: <p>"I can ski, but could you with 100 photographers following you?" Victoria Beckham hits back at allegations she wears skiing clothes, but can't ski. </p>

20th January 2006

Fact: <p>Eva Mendes has the best celebrity body, according to readers of German newspaper Bild. The actress polled more than a quarter of all votes, beating Jennifer Lopez and Rachel Hunter. Mariah Carey came fourth and Kate Winslet fifth. Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie and Renee Zellweger were also in the top ten. </p>

5th December 2005

Fact: <p>Kylie Minogue has been voted Britain's top fashion icon in a poll for Sony Ericsson, beating out competition from Victoria Beckham, who came second. </p>

31st August 2005

Fact: <p>Superstar couple DAVID and Victoria Beckham have paid for a $4,800 (GBP2,500) wheelchair for five year old cerebral palsy sufferer LUCY ALLINSON from Norwich, England - after a member of her family wrote asking for the soccer star's autograph. They hoped to offer the signature as a raffle prize but were overwhelmed when the couple offered to pay the full cost of the state-of-the-art chair. </p>

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