Zayn Malik wants fans to think he is “singing directly” to them on his new album.

The 31-year-old singer is preparing for the release of his fourth solo LP, ‘Room Under the Stairs’, and he couldn’t be happier with the sound of the “raw” record.

He told Big Issue magazine: “I wanted each song to feel as if it was just me sitting beside you telling you how I feel, singing directly to you.

“It’s raw and stripped back and the type of music I always hoped to make.”

The album was preceded by the single ‘What I Am’, and the former One Direction singer explained he wanted the track to provide a snapshot of the person he is now, rather than looking back on his journey to this point.

He said: “The sentiment of ‘What I Am is less reflective of my origins and where I come from, and more reflective of who I am as a person at this point in my life.

“I’m reflecting on the way that I approach situations, rather than necessarily a correlation to what my original identity is.

“It’s just growth as a human being. I’m a man, you know, that’s what I’m talking about.”

The ‘Pillowtalk’ hitmaker previously expressed his hope that his new album will help people get to know him better.

He said in a short video shared to Instagram: “I think the intention behind this album fully is for the listener to get more insight on me personally as a human being.

“My ambitions, my fears… and for them to have a connection with that. And that’s why it’s so raw, you know?

“There’s just me writing this. I didn’t want anyone else to be in between me and the music, and the music and the people listening to it.”