Zayn Malik has praised his three-year-old daughter's "natural ability" when it comes to music.

The 31-year-old singer is looking forward to seeing how little Khai's talents develop as she gets older because she already picks up lyrics and chord sequences very quickly.

He told L'Officiel magazine: " Khai has a lot of natural ability herself already. I know, it sounds ridiculous because she’s three, but her retention for language, especially when it’s formatted in a musical sense to her, has been amazing.

"She'll remember every lyric of every song that she likes. She remembers chord progressions and notes. She can do runs that have, like, three, four notes already.

"I look forward to seeing what she’s going to be capable of doing as she gets older."

The former One Direction singer explained Khai - who he has with former partner Gigi Hadid - is already aware of his own musical career.

He said: "She doesn’t come to the studio, but she’s starting to understand that Baba sings and Baba does music. She asks everybody, whenever there’s a song on the radio, 'Is my Baba singing?' But in front of me, she kind of gets shy about it."

Zayn lives on a farm in rural Pennsylvania, close to where Gigi's mother Yolanda Hadid lives, and he enjoys spending time outdoors with Khai.

He said: "I’m quite an outdoorsy person - I did fall in love with the landscapes and serenity. You get a lot of time to really think about things.

"And when I found out that my partner at the time was pregnant, I pretty quickly made up my mind that this would be a great place to raise a child because there's so much for her to do here.

"So, we do spend a lot of time outside. We do the gardening. She likes to camp with me. We cook outside. We fish a little bit. And she’s really into it, too, so it makes it fun. Hopefully, we can create some amazing memories here."

The 'What I Am' singer wants to keep his daughter "grounded" and out of the spotlight.

He said: "I’m just trying to keep her grounded and enjoying the earth, rather than all the noise that comes with it."