Zayn Malik wants to be a "proper" farmer one day.

The 31-year-old pop star - who has three-year-old daughter Khai with ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid - now lives on a ranch in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and loves being able to spend time with his daughter on it but is hoping to make it into a full-blown farm one day despite the hard work involved.

Speaking on Campital FM Breakfast, he explained: "I've got a farm, I've lived on my farm for about five, six years now. I've got chickens, got a couple of turtles, got dogs, cats.

"Eventually going to branch out to making it a bit more of a proper farm when I have the time, but it's a lot of work looking after a loads of animals. I want horses eventually, I would like to get some horses, too."

The former One Direction singer thinks that in order to run a farm, there needs to be some sort of "connection" between animal and their owners and loves how "fun" it has been naming the creatures with the help of his daughter.

He said: "You have to be somewhat connected to your animals, and I like to name them, my daughter helps me with naming them now too so it's fun."

Meanwhile, the 'What I Am' hitmaker recently hinted that his daughter could potentially follow in his musical footsteps as she is already showing potential despite her young age.

He told L'Officiel: "Khai has a lot of natural ability herself already. I know, it sounds ridiculous because she's three, but her retention for language, especially when it's formatted in a music sense to her, has been amazing. She'll remember every song that she likes."