Zayn Malik has claimed One Direction all "resented each other".

The 31-year-old singer shot to fame when he competed on 'The X Factor' in 2010 and the judges put him into the boyband alongside Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, and he's admitted now they should all have been kinder to one another instead of feeling they were in "competition" because of their original solo ambitions.

Speaking on 'The Zach Sang Show', he reflected: “I think the thing was, we were so young. And when we were in the band, we didn’t have that level of compassion yet because we didn’t understand life yet. We just were young kids that just were thrown in the situation.

"Now, when I look back at it, I can look at it in a positive light and be like, all these guys came from similar backgrounds to me. They had nothing, they worked their [butts] off, they wanted to sing, they got the thrown in a band.

"And you know, we resented each other to a certain degree because we were solo artists that were put in a band, and we should have never felt that way.

"It should have never been a competition. It should have always been a camaraderie, and we should have always been there for each other and had each other’s backs."

Zayn - who left the group in March 2015, months before they went on indefinite hiatus - believes he is much more "compassionate" now.

He added: “I think that’s just development over time. I mean, I’ve become a more compassionate, caring person for other people. And the thing I learned is I should have done that earlier.”

The 'What I Am' singer - who has three-year-old daughter Khai with ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid - wishes he had "enjoyed" his time in One Direction more.

He said: “The one thing I always feel bad about when I look back over my life is not enjoying the band enough.

“I feel like I just took things too seriously. I’m grateful that I’m able to be happier now. I can actually enjoy things and own my own perspective a bit. You know, like glass half full versus it being half empty. That’s my choice. I get to decide what that is.

“I didn’t understand the importance of just trying to be happy. I had this teen angst thing going on, a chip on my shoulder where I’m like, ‘It’s really cool to just be moody all the time.’”