Zayn Malik doesn't know if he has "truly been in love".

The 31-year-old singer was previously engaged to Perrie Edwards and has three-year-old daughter Khai with former partner Gigi Hadid, but he is unsure of the real depth of feeling he had in any of his past relationships

Speaking on 'The Zach Sang Show', he admitted: “I don’t know if I’ve actually truly been in love at this point."

Zayn has "moved on" since splitting with Gigi in October 2021 but their break-up has influenced a number of the tracks on his new album 'Room Under the Stairs'.

He said of the record: “The first song that I wrote on the record was ‘Alienated,’ and it was towards the end of my relationship. Like when me and my ex were breaking up.

"So there’s the heavy narrative of the kinds of things I was going through mentally in that situation and what I was thinking and how I was feeling."

And discussing the track 'How It Feels', he added: “I think in that song specifically I’m talking about not being able to explain to the person that you’re in love with why it is that you necessarily can’t be the best version of the partner you want to be. And that’s a really sad thing."

Meanwhile, although little Khai is already showing signs of musical talent, the former One Direction star believes she's inherited it from her model mother, not him.

He said: “She can play a little bit. She’s not like expert level, but she’s got a bit of rhythm when she’s hitting the drums. I can tell that she definitely can develop that into something.

"Her mom was actually really good at Guitar Hero on the drums. I was like, ‘Maybe she got that from her mom.’ Cuz I was diabolical at it, and G used to beat me all the time. I used to be like, ‘What the f***. I’m the musician, and she beats me at this game.’ But Khai‘s got that too.”