Adrienne Bailon has dropped an impressive 20 pounds.

The 36-year-old actress took to Instagram to announce she has dramatically changed her lifestyle, adopting a plant based diet, and has managed to lose the amount of weight.

She shared: ''During this time more than ever ... Staying healthy is at the top of my mind! This is my first post in a bathing suit since losing 20lbs. Now I've lost weight before but always gained it back because I was dieting and not changing my lifestyle! But not this time. It's been a year since I 'had enough' (have you ever gotten there? Where you're just tired of complaining about what you don't like and you're finally ready to take action & REALLY make changes!) Well, I made major changes like choosing to eat plant based, changing my whole relationship with food and working out!''

And Adrienne - who is married to Israel Houghton - has urged others to focus on their self discipline.

She added in her Instagram post: ''I've been consistent with my self discipline (although it's been so hard at times). I'm constantly reminding myself that the greatest form of self love - is self discipline! They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit ... I just want to encourage you to take this time to develop healthy habits! Drink your water, squat, rest, read, pray, take your vitamins, eat your veggies! (Preaching to myself to keep going! Lol.) It's a new month! Let's do this! BESOS Xx (sic)''

Back in 2016, Adrienne revealed she had lost 22 pounds.

She said: ''We actually bonded over lobster pizza at Berri's Cafe on 3rd Street in Los Angeles. We gained weight together and now we're losing it together. I love the way my clothes are fitting so much that I don't want to stop.

''I want this to become a lifestyle. I'm enjoying working out. I enjoy the way it makes me feel. Israel has lost 25 pounds so he's beating me, but I'm competitive - so wait for it!''