Adrienne Bailon has urged her fans to ''pray for'' Tamar Braxton, after she was hospitalised for a suspected overdose.

The 43-year-old singer was rushed to hospital on Thursday (16.07.20) night after she was found unresponsive by her boyfriend David Adefeso at the the Ritz-Carlton Residences at LA Live.

And on Tuesday (21.07.20), 'The Real' host Adrienne spoke about her former co-host as she said she was sending her support to her.

She said in a YouTube Live broadcast: ''I just think, for me, everything isn't for Instagram, everything isn't for social media. Even when we're talking about my baby journey, yeah I'll say it if we're here on live and I feel comfortable saying that, but I also think it's important to know real life is so much more important than social media.

''For me, I hold myself to a higher standard in real life than I do on social media. So I absolutely wanna encourage people to pray for her. In real life, that's what I'm doing.

''So I think when it comes to posting things on social media, if you want to bring awareness to something you feel is not being seen, 100 percent. But at the same time, that's a really delicate situation and I absolutely think we all should be praying for her, but not praying for her on social media posts. Pray for her in real life. That, to me, is important. Reaching out to somebody in real life is important.''

And the former Cheetah Girls star also told her viewers to be ''genuine'' in their prayers.

She added: ''You shouldn't be praying for someone just based off me posting that I'm praying for somebody. I want you to genuinely want happiness and peace for people's lives. If you're a genuinely good person, you want that for everybody. It doesn't matter what your relationship has been, what it's gone through. You want peace and happiness in people's lives no matter what.''

Tamar was recently reported to be ''awake and alert'' following her hospitalisation, and a representative for the star has said she was moved over the weekend to another hospital with specialists in the field of mental health.

They said: ''Tamar has been transferred to another facility for further evaluation and treatment. Out of respect for Tamar's privacy and that of her family, no additional information is available at this time.

''The outpouring of support that Tamar has received is a testament to the light that she brings to people.''