Billie Piper has admitted there is "absolutely no way" she has a work-life balance.

The 'Scoop' actress - who has sons Winston, 15, and 11-year-old Eugene with ex-husband Laurence Fox and five-year-old daughter Tallullah with former partner Johnny Lloyd - finds her job can be quite "tiring" because she has to spend so long out of the home when she has a major role in a project, and it has become an increasing "struggle" with juggling her work and the needs of her kids.

She told "Working mothers’ stuff is really complex."

Asked if she has a work-life balance, she added: “No. I don’t. I feel like we’ve been told we should have that. But there’s absolutely no way I have that?

"And that’s one of the tiring things about being an actor for hire – if you’re working in a lead role, you’re out of the house sometimes 15 hours a day.

"I really struggle with that now I’ve got three kids.”

Billie explained it can be particularly difficult as she may have an intense three-month period of filming and then no work for the rest of the year.

She noted: "But when you’re gone, you’re gone. Those extremes make for something quite rocky.”

The 41-year-old star finds she experiences more "primal" feelings now she is a mother and certain news stories leave her feeling "sick and furious".

Discussing her latest project 'Scoop' - which follows the securing of 'Newsnight's infamous interview with Prince Andrew about his friendship with billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein - she said: “Since I’ve had children, anything like this, any abuse of power and abuse of innocence, just makes me feel sick and furious. I don’t know that I had access to that type of emotion before children.

“Things like that would really upset me, or scare me even. But when you have kids, it becomes something totally almost primal. The feelings you get.

"And there’s loads of stuff you can’t even watch or read any more.

"And now that I’ve had a girl, I feel alarmingly protective of her!”