Billie Piper regrets falling out with her parents.

The 32-year-old actress has admitted that she ''forced'' her mother and father out of her life after finding fame as a singer aged 15, marrying TV presenter Chris Evans three years later, and ending up divorced aged just 24.

Billie said: ''I've always been a bit fractious with my parents. But I think that's because I left home in my formative years and I didn't really know how to be around them.

''I was making really big personal choices at a very young age, and I kind of forced them out of my life, because they were the only ones telling me to calm down and watch what I was doing and who I was with all that stuff that just seemed really boring.

''Since I had the reins at an age that was way too young to be independent I didn't really respect them enough.''

Since having her own children with her actor husband Laurence Fox - six-year-old Winston and Eugene, three - Billie has confessed that it's made her see her ''mother in a whole new light'' and she now sees her mum regularly as she helps out with her grandchildren at their north London home.

Speaking to the Times magazine, the 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' star said: ''I think when you have your own children, you see your mother in a whole new light. It's a wonderful thing to experience later in life, that feeling of how much respect and appreciation you have for your mum and how selfless they were.''

''I will try hard to redeem myself to my mother, for my mother.''