Live Review of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Rock City Nottingham April 2013

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are one of those few bands that has been around for fifteen years now and have the welcoming toothache of trying to figure what songs to play and what songs to leave out. The good news for tonight is that the rumour mill around Rock City is in full flow and BRMC are going to play a 2 hour set!! 

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The mood and atmosphere around Rock City is buoyant and the fact that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have not been in the UK for a good two years means everyone around is excited and the anticipation rises as time gets closer for the trio to come out and showcase their stuff, and it's an opportunity to see how they sound with the sticks in the hands of Leah Shapiro.

When you can pull out tracks such as 'Red Eyes' and 'Beat The Devils Tattoo' you can get away with sticking a couple of acoustic tracks in the middle which really shouldn't work but, for tonight, it kind of did; well, it did in the way that it gave a few people a chance to relax for a couple of minutes and get a beer. Let's be honest, you can't sustain two hours of pure high energy like these guys produce. Although the harsher person out there would've still said they would prefer that they just stick in the ten minutes of magic that is 'Half State' 

Saying all this, the high powered tunes still flow through with the fantastic 'Conscience Killer', the brilliant 'Six Barrel Shotgun' and not to mention 'Spread Your Love'. You will find that ears are still buzzing completely from this, but in the way that you know you have been to a fantastic show.

One thing's for sure, if you have not seen this band you are missing out; they are only due to do one music festival in the UK, so it is either that or the remainder of the tour to get your fill of this fab band live, these guys are most certainly on form on this stint in the UK.


Mark Moore

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