Cheryl Cole has an ''ultimate fan girl moment'' when Beyonce contacted her on Instagram.

The former Girls Aloud singer had shared a holiday video in which she danced to the star's hit 'Flawless' and she was left starstruck when her hero commented saying ''Yes Cheryl''.

Cheryl's PA took to Twitter to write about her response, joking she ''had to lie down'' because of the excitement.

She wrote: ''Holy s**t!!! I've just experienced the ultimate fan girl reaction - SERIOUS STAN - she's dying right about now and has had to lie down.''

The feel-good moments follows recent reports the brunette beauty had been rejected by a student she kissed on New Year's Eve, which he described as the ''biggest mistake'' of his life.

He said: ''It was the biggest mistake of my life.

''I was a little nervous what might happen with all her bodyguards around. She was really friendly but obviously smashed.''

The pair met at a club in Cape Town and student Tom Julius couldn't believe his luck when he spotted her.

He added: ''I turned around and just said 'Hi'! I started talking to her, joking about how I was single.

''She laughed and stroked my face She stroked my hair and started going mad. She kissed me on the lips and on the forehead.

''She was dancing on top of me with her arms around me, squeezing me. I thought, 'What the f**k is going on?' ''