Christine And The Queens is aiming for a ''really ambitious and emotionally super precise'' third album.

The 'Titled' hitmaker has revealed she is ''daydreaming'' a lot during the coronavirus pandemic and also writing for her follow-up to 2018's 'Chris', but she doesn't want to talk about what's inspiring the record because she has a lot to consider before putting her art out into the world.

Speaking to Matt Everitt during Mary Anne Hobbs's afternoon show on BBC 6 Music, Chris said: ''I'm writing a lot and I'm daydreaming a lot because I really want the third record to be something really ambitious and emotionally super precise, so I can't mess that one, so I am talking really obstructions, people will think I'm completely mad, because I can't really talk about the whole subject but I'm daydreaming and I'm picking things from where I need.

''And also I'm dancing a lot. I like to sweat, I miss the tour for that.''

In February, Chris released two EPs, 'La vita nuova' and 'La vita nuova : séquences 2 et 3', along with a moving short film, and she has explained how she ''needed'' to release them ''before [she] could move on'' and process the ''mourning and sadness'' she went through during the ''intense'' period working on her second record.

She said: ''Also, for me, you know, I like to think of everything as a novel, because I just like novels.

''And so every album is an important chapter in my life, and this EP was just a necessary, short, poetic one I needed to address before I could move on.

''Because the experience around the second album was very intense - artistically and personally - very intense, and I had a lot to process for a year, and I think when I wrote 'People, I've Been Sad', it kind of unlocked something, and I was like I need to be just tender to myself for just two seconds, and address mourning and sadness, otherwise I won't be able to properly propulse into the third chapter.

''So it was really something quite urgent to me, and when I wrote 'People, I've Been Sad' I couldn't stop writing again, it was quite fast as always with me, my record label is like, 'No, no, no, no!' [laughs], we have to make a movie!

''They're like, 'Oh god!'.

''It's like a really cathartic fever dream this EP, honestly I just needed to purge things that were tormenting me and I really needed to talk about loss, because it has been, as an artist, a really transformative experience in my life.

''It's really humbling, because it makes you understand even more why you want to perform, and why it's something that you deeply need, sorry, it's getting quite intricate, but yeah ... I don't even know if I'm answering properly the question!''

Chris added that she needed to remind herself that Christine and the Queens is her ''coping mechanism''.

She continued: ''But also reconnecting to the origins of why I did it in the first place, like even working on the movie, and on the writing of the EP, I reconnected with the sensation I had at the very beginning of songwriting for me in my life.

''Like I remembered precisely why I made Christine and the Queens in the first place, and it's really a coping mechanism, it's really a way for me to process emotions and to deal with intense things and it's really a genuine, pulsating thing.''