Dannii Minogue has insisted marriage “isn’t on the cards”.

The ‘This Is It’ singer – who has 13-year-old son Ethan with former partner Kris Smith – has been dating record producer Adrian Newman for over a decade and while they are very happy together, particularly because they have been able to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, they’ve no plans to make their union official.

She told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “He’s just so great.”

Of keeping their romance private, she added: “I haven’t always been able to do it that way before because if the other person is already famous, then what can you do?

“But he works behind the scenes, so it’s easy.

“Marriage isn’t on the cards, but we’re just enjoying growing up together and spending time.”

Dannii is thankful her son hasn’t shown any interest in following in her footsteps.

She said: “Ethan loves basketball, which is huge in Australia, and we go to games and watch it on TV.

“He towers over me now – he definitely has his dad’s height and not the Minogue height, which is great.

“Ethan loves school and he’s got a good set of friends, which I think is the most important thing. He loves rap music but he’s not interested in performing.”

The 52-year-old star has found a work/life balance she is happy with because she doesn’t want to miss out on too much of her son’s upbringing.

She said: “Work used to be everything for me and now I just don’t want to miss out on anything because it’s going too quick.

“Ethan is already into his second year of high school so I feel like I’ve got these next few ears where I’m really going to be involved so I want to be part of it.

“I think having that real, steady family life helps because I feel grounded.

“I don’t feel like I need to run around and do so much and I’m happy being at home.”