Dannii Minogue used to think there was something ''wrong'' with her because of her petite frame.

The 43-year-old singer, who has five-year-old son Ethan with her ex-partner Kris Smith, used to be plagued with a number of insecurities about her slender physique because she struggled to find clothes that would fit her ''weird'' shape.

Speaking to Australia's InStyle magazine, she said: ''I always thought there was something wrong with me.''

She added: ''I was constantly thinking, 'I'm a really weird shape. Nothing fits me. How do other people just take something off the rack and put it on?' ''

However, not only has Dannii - the younger sister of pop princess Kylie Minogue - learnt to love her body over the years but she's also launched her own clothing line 'Dannii Minogue Petites' to help other people dress their curves.

Meanwhile, although the brunette beauty has been wrapped up with her fashion empire and television projects recently, the former actress is keen to make a music comeback.

She said previously: ''I've been wanting to do music for ages but something was holding me back.

''Now I feel really settled. I feel like I'm in a personal space where I can do it and it's going to be fun.''