Dannii Minogue often gets mistaken for her sister Kylie.

The 52-year-old pop star is often spotted out and about by members of the public and revealed that they either don't believe that it is actually her because they think that she should be "way taller", or they are insistent that she is the 'Spinning Around' hitmaker, 55, and she is often left with no choice but to play along.

Speaking on 'The Katie Piper Breakfast Show', she explained: "I get mistaken for being Dannii Minogue and for not being Dannii Minogue. I'm out and about, and someone will come up and say 'You're Dannii Minogue, are you?' and I'll say 'Yes...' and then they'll say 'No, no you're not. She's way taller!' and then they'll start talking to the friend next to them and say 'It does look a lot like her, but it's definitely not!'

"And then I'll have the reverse where they say 'Are you Kylie Minogue?' and I say 'No...' and they go 'But you are!' and I'll go 'Nope...' and this can go on for several minutes until there's nothing more I can say. I just give in."

Meanwhile, the 'All I Wanna Do' singer has 13-year-old son Ethan with her ex-partner Kris Smith and explained that during a recent event, a mother came up to her to tell her she "looked like" the former 'X Factor' judge and she just acted in surprise.

She said: "There was an awkward moment recently with my son. I'd just met some of the schoolkids' other parents and we were out at an event. It was a big basketball event, lots of parents and kids there.

"Some mum, who I didn't know, came up and said 'You look a lot like Dannii Minogue!' I just went 'Oh!' because I hadn't met the other school mums and they were looking. It was so awkward, nobody knew what to say.

"I either am, or I'm not or...I don't know. I just think 'Oh' is the right [answer]."