Dave Stewart joins a Tottenham school choir in launching their campaign in a bid to unite the country in the wake of the 2011 London riots.

The school is Gladesmore Community School for 11 to 16-year-olds. The children taught there have been massively affected by the riots alongside a host of other criminal activity that have given Tottenham, and its residents, some very bad press. They decided that they would stand up for their community by writing, singing and producing a song called 'Everybody Dreams' with the intention of launching a campaign to get it into the charts.

The legendary Eurythmics writer, performer and producer, Stewart, remixes the official radio mix of the poignant song and has also added the school's choir to the line-up of his Walk A Mile concert; a charitable event that emphasises the need for the eradication of hatred and prejudice. Channel 4 News asked him how they were going to make themselves heard over the din of corporate sponsorship. 'You've got to shout loud or you've got to be remarkable', he said. 'You've got to do something incredibly different.'

The song and the school have also received immense praise from the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who insisted the song will smash the charts 'no contest'. 'I hope the BBC use the song for the coverage of the Olympics', he has also been quoted saying.