Disclosure admitted working with Stevie Wonder would be the ''ultimate video game boss'' for their career.

The electronic duo - made up of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence - have teamed up with the likes of The Weeknd, Lorde and Kelis over the years, and they have their next dream collaboration in mind.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column, Howard said: ''Doing tracks with other musicians is like a video game.

''After each album, we get to the next level, which is why we've been able to reach out to get Kelis and Common on our new record.

''Now we've done our third album, we're starting to think of who the ultimate video game boss would be to get on a track - and Stevie Wonder would be amazing.''

The pair - who released new album 'Energy' last week - worked with Sam Smith on the song 'Latch' for their 2013 debut record 'Seattle'.

They have remained close with the 28-year-old singer, and Howard admitted he and Guy occasionally slip up on Sam's 'they/their' gender pronouns.

He revealed: ''We've occasionally said 'he' by mistake a couple of times. We've spoken to Sam about it, and they understand that occasionally we'll get it wrong along the way.

''But it's an important thing to get it right. It's no skin off my nose to get it right.

''It takes no effort, and yet it makes such a big difference to Sam and people like them when we show them that respect.''

Although Disclosure have avoided working with Sam on a similar song yet, Howard is adamant the three of them will collaborate again in the future.

He explained: ''Doing another song like 'Latch' is such an obvious move, we've wanted to avoid it.

''But Sam is still a good friend and I'm absolutely sure we'll do another track again at some point.''