Disclosure want to collaborate with Prince.

The brothers have teamed up with Sam Smith, Lorde, Kwabs and a flurry of other stars for their second studio album 'Caracal', but revealed the ultimate star they want to work with would be the 57-year-old icon, although they have no idea how to contact him.

Asked who is at the top of their wish-list for a collaboration, they said: ''Prince! That'd be the one. We've never asked Prince, but we don't know how you ask Prince. I don't think he has a phone!''

Guy, 24, and Howard, 21, admitted they were thrilled they managed to secure they collaborations they did for their album though, as they originally thought their expectations were ''ambitious''.

They explained: ''We basically just got everyone we wanted to on the record. We were quite ambitious with who we aimed for with some of them, and others we weren't even sure if they were around. We just went through our iTunes library, and were like, 'We like all these guys', so let's get them! A very great position to be in that we get to pick and choose a little bit more nowadays.''

The 'White Noise' hitmakers teamed up with Sam Smith once again for their new single 'Omen' following the success of 2012's 'Latch' and said it was much better working with him for a second time because they're ''great friends'' now.

They told Free Radio's Adam Wilbourn: ''Sam's one of our closest friends, and he's one of the best singers in the world, so why not work with him again? We enjoyed it so much.

''The only difference was we already knew him, so there wasn't any awkwardness, not that it was awkward before. But there wasn't any getting to know the person.

''We're just really good friends as well, we've got the same managers, we're all living in London together now, so it just made sense. We're friends now, so why not?''