Donatella Versace has launched a Versace X Pride 2020 capsule collection.

The 65-year-old fashion designer is celebrating Pride Month with the new range which will include vests, swimwear, underwear, bucket hats and socks with a rainbow motif.

A portion of the proceeds will be shared between Pride Live in the US, where Donatella is a Stonewall ambassador and Arcigay in Italy.

Speaking previously of her advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights, Donatella said: ''I have always been a strong advocate and supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. Most importantly because I believe that no one should be judged for his or her sexual orientation, but also for the colour of their skin or their religious belief. It is not acceptable that there are people who live in fear because of the person they love, or worse they are persecuted, thrown out of their homes....We all need to voice our concern so that everyone can stop living in fear and is free to be whoever they want to be. We need to stop the hate and the discrimination to create a society that accepts diversity, treats everyone equally and is inclusive.''

Meanwhile, Donatella previously revealed she is determined to surround herself with anti-yes men and women.

The star thinks it's important she's challenged by the people she works with, saying it'd be ''easy'' to surround herself with sycophants.

She explained: ''It's so easy to surround yourself with people who think like you, who say yes [to everything]. That's the moment you should retire. You should go do something else.''