Actress Emmy Rossum has poked fun at Gisele Bundchen's controversial breast-feeding photograph by recreating the scene in a parody picture.

The Brazilian supermodel caused a storm by publishing a snap which showed her feeding her daughter Vivian while a team of stylists work on her hair, nails and make-up.

She captioned the picture "multi-tasking" and the snap prompted a barrage of angry online comments from other mothers.

Rossum has now joined in by lambasting Bundchen in a recreation while shooting her Tv show Shameless.

A snap posted on the star's page shows her striking a similar pose to Bundchen and holding a baby doll in a much-less glamorous setting.

The picture's caption reads, "Hey (Bundchen), I feel ya (you) girl. Kidding. Fake baby. Soy milk. Shameless."