Freddie Prinze Jr. is relishing his new role as a parent - because he spent years longing for a child after losing his own dad at a young age.
The actor was just 12 months old when comedian Freddie Prinze took his own life - and he admits the tragedy left him dreaming about the day he would have a baby of his own.
And now he's hoping he can build a happy family with his wife Sarah Michelle and their little girl, Charlotte Grace, who they welcomed in September (09).
He tells People magazine, "I always appreciated that connection between a parent and a kid because I yearned for it so much. Growing up, I wanted a father, and because I've had this idea of what a father should be, it's exciting to finally have the opportunity to try and be that guy, to see if I can actually do it."
And he is delighted his firstborn is a girl - because he would have struggled to teach a son how to "fight" and be "macho".
He adds, "A lot of guys want sons, but that would have been a lot of pressure. I know throughout my childhood, there were many times I couldn't stand being a 'Jr.' I wouldn't want anybody else to go through that. If we'd had a boy, he wouldn't have been another Freddie Prinze.
"To have a girl, I almost felt like, 'Whew!' I know how to protect her and keep her away from the kind of kid I was. I know I can shower a little girl with love. A little boy comes home one day, and he needs to learn how to fight. That's all macho stuff, dealing with ego and pride, and I don't want to have to deal with that. I'd rather deal with a broken heart than a broken nose."