Review of Heavy Cross Single by Gossip

Review of Gossip's single Heavy Cross.

Gossip Heavy Cross Single

It doesn't say a lot for your music when your band is as famous for the physical form of your frontwoman as it is your tunes, but the Gossip certainly rode the media wave in 2007 when 'Standing In The Way Of Control' announced the band. This new material is taken from their new record and is produced by Rick Rubin.

Lurching from a brooding prowl to full on disco-indie-rock pomp, Beth Ditto's trademark vocals carry the mood swings of 'Heavy Cross' effectively, with the resulting Frankenstein concoction actually working quite well. Thankfully it doesn't have the annoyance of their aforementioned hit and once it gets into gear it has the same sort of groove that early Franz Ferdinand possessed, so dance floors beware.

Alex Lai

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