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Jealous Girls
Single Review

Gossip Jealous Girls Single

Beth Ditto is a lead singer with serious attitude, bursting with fabulously corpulent abandon onto the musical scene in an age where size 0 celebrities have become the norm, and causing indie kids everywhere to tap their feet in time to the shaking of her bootilicious behind. Not afraid to bare all on magazine covers, or flash terrifying amounts of stomach controlling spandex, Ditto became not a figure of jealousy, but an image of the kind of gal you secretly wish you could be, or at least have as your coolest friend.

This new single has all the attitude of previous offerings, encouraging individuality in an age dominated, ironically, by gossip and jealous whispers, but unfortunately doesn't quite grab the listener by the lugholes in the same way as the now almost iconic 'Standing In the Way of Control'.

Not quite punk, not quite blues and with not quite enough of a hook to get anyone hot under the collar, 'Jealous Girls' is simply not the crowd pleaser that audiences have come to expect from this pop-punk trio.

Fingers crossed that Gossip can better marry their pop-punk energy with Ditto's dulcet tone on their next album and turn out some stomper tracks that will keep telling it like it is and keep dance floors everywhere packed with adoring fans.


Ellie Gurney

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