Review of Music For Men Album by Gossip

Review of Gossip's album Music For Men

Gossip Music For Men Album

Everyone bangs on and on about the key to a successful band is the front man, well then you could say that Gossip are onto a looser because we all know that Beth Ditto is not a man. Luckily however for Gossip Beth Ditto is a killer front woman. While the band have not been in the limelight Beth Ditto has been showing that big is beautiful, appearing on the front of many magazines minus her clothes. She has portrayed herself very well.

'Music For Men' is the new album to come from Gossip and the opening track 'Dimestore Diamond' doesn't fill anyone with confidence, it's just bland and there is no life to it which is not what this trio are about.

'Heavy Cross' shows that Gossip still have it, but this is like a watered down version of 'Standing In The Way Of Control' so is the first warning sign that they haven't actually bettered themselves? Being the lead single you'd expect it to be a sign of what's left to come - thing's aren't looking great. Although '8th Wonder' has a bit of life to it, Ditto seems at her best when she is attacking her vocals and that is the case with this. The guitars everything on this track has a bit of life and anger around it.

It seems there's nothing that stands out and jumps out at you, everything just sounds the same, 'Pop Goes The World', 'Men In Love', 'For Keeps' and '2012' might as well be the same track, which is a little disappointing because the expectation of this band should be met by their music.

Gossip, have returned but they don't seem to of made any progress, is this an album that has been rushed out with pressure from the record label or has their ship sailed? Music For Men just isn't up to that standard that Gossip seem to be capable of.


Mark Moore

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